Brookfield East’s official response to the Homecoming ticket issue

You remember – the one Fairly Conservative broke back on November 8th.

From the East Web site:

In an attempt to satisfy those students and parents who might feel wronged by the news regarding the use of Homecoming ticket funds, Student Council is offering an optional partial refund from this year’s Homecoming tickets. The refund will be $10 for a single ticket and $20 for a couples ticket. Further, all funds raised by Homecoming 2009 that did not directly fund the dance will be spent only to support other school-level events for students. No money will be spent on scholarships or the like.

This announcement – it came via Principal Brett Bowers and the phone link network just now – is likely the reason the Spartan Banner was not distributed as usual today. Let’s hope the school paper makes it out tomorrow. There’s a long article on the subject, I’m told.

In the for-what-it’s-worth department, I’m glad for the impact this blog made on the subject. Sometimes we get to change the world $10 at a time.