Schellinger, Reddin to jump into Brookfield mayoral race

That will make five in the primary: Speaker, Marcello, Bielinski, Schellinger, and Reddin.

For those of you new to this game, Tom Schellinger, a perennial candidate, has run a couple of times before. He was an alderman in Brookfield for a few years. He now sits on the Waukesha County board.

Bob Reddin is a 2nd district Alderman, which makes him my alderman. Although I’ve not agreed with everything he does, he’s not at all embarrassing, and that makes him my current favorite.

Schellinger is sending out nomination papers, but hasn’t filed with the City of Brookfield Clerk yet. Reddin is expected to file before closing today so that he can start circulating papers for signatures.

And yes, it’s already been suggested that I run for District 2 Alderman again. Tempting, but don’t count on it.

Be sure to see this correction – Reddin is not running.


  1. What about Bielinski?

  2. Don’t know a thing about him.

  3. Is this the Bielinski from “Bielinski Homes”?

  4. No, I don’t think so. BrookfieldNOW did a bit a couple of weeks ago – you can search there.

  5. Just saw it. Willing to bet he’s a Democrat, too.

  6. Scott Berg says:

    Well, Cindy, once again you’ve proven yourself to be acting anything but “in an evenhanded manner.” Where should I start?

    On several occasions you have noted that I was laid off for a few weeks last year and implied that it meant I was unfit for public office. Yet Bob Reddin has been unemployed for quite a few months and you practically endorse him. What an odd inconsistency. Are you so out of touch that you didn’t know about Bob or are you spinning the news to fit your bias? Incompetent or manipulative?

    You claim to be an internet wizard and crowed over how the Brookfield mayor’s race required a primary when Mr. Bielinski said he was running. Yet, you’ve never mentioned his web site: Unable to find a site that a simple google search easily locates? How about that document where he protested his defeat for union office? And you never mentioned his reluctance to talk about his job, as though he might not have one right now. What an odd inconsistency. Incompetent or manipulative?

    You refer to “Tom Schellinger, a perennial candidate” yet you fail to mention your failure in the 1998 aldermanic race (beaten by Dan Waffenschmidt – not to imply that you harbored a revenge motive for years or anything), the fact that the only way you could get into office was by appointment, or your 2006 mayoral election defeat. What was that story in the midst of your mayoral race about you considering a near simultaneous run for state assembly to fill Scott Jensen’s seat? What an odd inconsistency. Incompetent or manipulative?

    You noted the site which doesn’t seem to be in use. As you admitted, it’s managed by GoDaddy, just like your site. Coincidence? Wow, is it possible you’ve been busy spending your (husband’s) money to play a few dirty tricks? Just asking, of course. Don’t have any proof, you know. Sort of like the way you’ve twice spread the rumor that Vince Kuttenperoor is bankrupt without providing any evidence. You know, the same way you spread the false rumor about Fleming’s restaurant going out of business. Oh wait, you always start those assertions with “someone else told me…” Think that will stand up n court? Incompetent or manipulative?

    Oh, oh! Now I’m about to hear from all your invisible internet friends about how I’m the one who’s always wrong. What an odd inconsistency. Unless you just delete this message before anyone can read it. Incompetent or manipulative?

    By the way, you had multiple errors about city finance and state law in your article about remodeling the council room. Incompetent or manipulative? Why not stop by tomorrow’s counci meeting and find out first hand? I’ll save a couple of chairs for you.

  7. Sorry Alderman Berg, you got stuck in the spam filter. Frankly, I should have left you there, but every once in a while the City of Brookfield needs to know just how interesting you think you are. I still think you are one very odd person.

    As always, thanks for your very loyal readership Mr. Berg. Some days I think I might give this blog up, but then I remember how much you’d miss me, and well, I keep going.

    So we can assume:

    1) You won’t be voting for Bob Reddin
    2) You’ve been stalking Mr. Bielinski
    3) You still love me, and I can’t for the life of me figure out the Jensen angle there
    4) You’re nasty jealous and can’t believe two people would both use
    5) My invisible friends are much nicer than your invisible friends – ok, at least to me
    6) You’d love to tell me I’m wrong, but you’re just too nice to do it on the actual post about which you complain

  8. Scott Berg says:

    Cindy (or should I say Communitywatcher1212?)

    So, how many times have you kept your avid fans updated on Jeff Speaker’s rental property or Mike Sprinkel’s legal problems or a google search on almost everyone or … See you tomorrow night!

    p.s. Has Judge Ramirez ruled on how American Family doesn’t have to defend you after all? I’m planning on taking some time off to watch the trial.

  9. Scott, you’re really off and running tonight, aren’t you? I suspect by your odd behavior and intense focus on employment you won’t be needing to take much time off at all.

    (What’s with the communitywatcher1212 thing?)

  10. Oh all right. Just so your reader isn’t fooled by your innocent, batting-your-eyes question, (I’m not fooled by the secret identity) check:

    BTW, how is your own job search going? You know, the one you talked about after your deposition? Oh, wait! Incompetent or manipulative?

  11. Scotty Scotty Pants on Fire. You drinking tonight, Berg?

    I just love being an invisible internet friend.

  12. Whoa! I hadn’t seen that. I’d assume communitywatcher1212 is the editor for that bit about Marcello. No, it’s not me. (As I’ve said before, should Brookfield choose to elect David (Dave) Marcello mayor I can afford to move should I choose.) I have a very strong suspicion I do know who it is, though, and it’s incredibly clever on that person’s part.

    My job search. Well, it never really got off the ground. I keep getting sidetracked with projects here and there.

    I don’t remember talking about it in my deposition, though. If you have the video already, you should share. The one thing that surprised me about that interview was remembering a contract I’d had several years ago with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to facilitate some of the inner-city computer labs and do their e-rate paperwork. Other than that and being elected I haven’t worked in a long time. Like forever. I’ve been really lucky to stay home and be the mom.

    Now if it weren’t for me, whatever would you do for a hobby Alderman Berg. You seem to have lots of pent up hostility there you intend to bring forward now that you’re out of that closet.

  13. Lorax, invisible is different than imaginary, right? I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m crazy or something.

  14. I think I know who did the edit too. I noticed it today as well, though as a Wikipedia Editor i’d expect that. Although it may be that the fart rule might apply here, Scott.

    He who smelt it, dealt it. 😉

  15. That’s funny. Just proves there are no grown ups here!

    So tell us little geeky one, can you set up an rss for edits or something? You just troll certain wiki sites to see if they’ve changed? How in the world would someone possibly know that was out there without writing it?

  16. Speaking of invisible friends, who are the “Friends of Marcello for Mayor”. In other words, who are his campaign staff.

    Mr. Berg, it seems that in posting the wikipedia site, you intended for a lot of people to read it, which strongly suggests you wrote it. Are you yet another individual who got screwed by Marcello?

  17. Cindy: If you have a registered Wiki account, you can put certain articles on your “watch list.” Which is what I do with a lot of articles about Brookfield, Elmbrook, Wisconsin, etc. I also monitor a lot of articles of my expertise. History, Geography, Art History.

    Maybe Scott’s spending his extra time off helping to make “Wikipedia Forever” a reality.

  18. Thanks Lorax. That would mean Berg has a registered Wiki account. The plot thickens.

    I have no intention of lifting a finger against Marcello. The mayor’s henchmen will see to his reputation. I suspect that’s exactly what Berg is up to on this one.

  19. Scott Berg says:

    Shawn Lorax is right. I use the Wikipedia service to monitor many sites of interest to me, including Elmbrook Schools. I’m sure you’ve already figured out my registered name and will find my entries dull. But, for the record, I am NOT “communitywatcher1212.” Not that it will stop you from twisting everything with half truths (which makes the other half – what???) BTW, both you and Shawn claim you are not communitywatcher1212 but that you have a good diea of who that person is. So why aren’t you disclosing that name? Who are you protecting? Why does your denial, in the face of all the inconsistencies listed here, have any credibility?

    Odd how you’ve chosen to attack without explaining your many acts of inconsistent blogging. Do you really think your readers can’t see through your being anything but, “To a sufficient degree; in an evenhanded manner.”

    By the way, I think Jeff Speaker, Bob Reddin, Dave Marcello and Tom Schellinger all have something to offer the city. I don’t know anything about Mr. Beilinski, so I have no opinion about him. I’m also certain four of the candidates will lose with grace and dignity and not descend into a four year (and counting!) vendetta, validating that at least THEIR character was good to begin with.

  20. Morning Mr. Berg. I’m not protecting anyone. It takes about half a brain to know who that person might be. Obviously it’s too much for you.

  21. Brkfld Res says:

    I read this post a while and remembered Scott accusing Cindy of being CommunityWatcher1212 on wikipedia. I thought I would let everyone know that there is a war raging on wikipedia as to whether or not information about Marcello’s battery conviction should be allowed on wikipedia. Here is the sight:

    I find it interesting how the one who removed the information and explained it spelled “marcell” instead of “marcello”. Probably to keep this off google. Just thought I would see what everyone thought

  22. Well I’ll be. I hadn’t kept up with any of that. Thanks for the update.

  23. Santa's Elf says:

    Now there’s a big catch Brkfld Res! Keep this up and Ms. Cindy may promote you to Second Assistant Blogger. On the other hand, she probably won’t! She’ll usually want most of the credit for herself.

  24. Mr. Elf, are you unhappy about something?

    It’s beginning to sound like you were cloned from that other guy.

  25. Brkfld Res says:

    Wow the wikipedia page is now citing Cindy’s website. Looks like Scott Berg’s work has taking his thoughts about certain Brookfield bloggers to the online encyclopedia. He could have just stopped after getting the information about his friend Marcello down.

    I know Dave has people at MJS and BrookfieldNow protecting him but how did he get someone at wikipedia.

  26. You know, the Marcello stuff didn’t fit in the Elmbrook page that well. Someone on a mission could add a page about Marcello as a local politician/notable Brookfield native. I mean, Ted Kanavas has his own page, and Ted and Dave are two peas in a Brookfield pod, right?

    They’d have to do it in a way that wasn’t a slam, and document everything, but the details would probably stick. A smart wikimaker would add things that were positive to make it all feel more legitimate. Use the Kanavas page as a guide.