– oops

Tom Schellinger, a presumed candidate for Brookfield’s mayor, shows just how crummy he’d be at the job before he even files his paperwork.

In fact, that he hasn’t filed his paperwork is the problem. You see, Schellinger’s incurred the expense of copying nomination papers and mailing them to potential supporters. He also registered a Web site domain name on November 23rd. He set up his domain registration through a proxy, adding extra expense. Now how clever do you have to be to keep your own name off your I’m-running-for-mayor Web site? Not to mention he’s spreading the site’s name without actually have a site. It’s on the literature he’s mailed out already.

Campaign finance laws say you must file a registration before you take in or spend $25 towards a campaign – even your own. I’m thinking he’s past that point already. If so, that would make him a candidate with campaign finance violations. That’s one Mayor Jeff Speaker won’t be using against him since Speaker’s had a few of those, too. (Silly Brookfield, you don’t even blink when your elected folk break the law!)

I doubt I’ll mention Schellinger again, he’s that much of a non-player in this race, but to a local government wonk like me, his unwillingness to play by the rules is funny. Darn funny.