Oh Rats! Reddin filed for 2nd District Alderman, not mayor!

That means I don’t have a candidate anymore.

You won’t believe the chuckle I just had, but fact is, I got it wrong. It looks like four candidates next February, and it likely puts Dave (David) Marcello in the final race. It also makes him a significant target of Mayor Jeff Speaker’s. I had really discounted Marcello’s chances with Reddin running. Now it looks like Marcello’s record is there for the world to decide. As I’ve said, I’m sure the mayor’s henchmen will be working overtime soon enough.

My apologies to 2nd District Bob Reddin for the misunderstanding. I hope it didn’t do any harm. I guess you can be glad to know you had five votes or so.

I’m still shaking my head on this one. Talk about a comedy of errors.

To cover my backside on the Schellinger announcement, I’m offering a copy of the letter he sent out.


  1. What are my choices for mayor now??? Cindy, can you please find your hat and throw it in the ring?

  2. Right-o. In fact, my son argued it was my “civic duty” to run again. I know; why don’t you call the spouse and talk him into it? Even if he agreed, I’d still have to remember the freedom I’d be giving up to serve. You, Amazed, might be worth my time, but a good majority of Brookfield didn’t agree four years ago. That’s blunt, but what else would you expect from me?

    To be honest, I’d bet that Reddin not running means the Waukesha County Republicans are planning to back Speaker yet again. I kind of remember that being a stopping point in his decision when visiting with him a few months ago. It certainly won’t serve Marcello very well to have the machine in place behind Speaker again, even though Marcello’s been active with that group for a long time.

  3. Kristin Carpenter says:

    Cindy, while I don’t share many of your political views, I believe it is truly deplorable that we would allow Dave Marcello to even run for Mayor of Brookfield with his criminal record of child abuse (and I do mean criminal).

    While I’m also not a fan of Speaker’s, I am appalled at Marcello’s candidacy. Marcello ran for school board under false pretenses, I can only imagine his intentions as to why he is running for Mayor of Brookfield. Marcello’s election as Mayor would be an absolute disaster for our city.

    What can we do as a community to unite against Marcello’s candidacy?

  4. Put forward a really strong candidate as an alternative.