I want to be as cool as those other blogs.

I have spent the better part of the day looking at blogs and Web sites. I have decided for my new venture what I really want is something to dynamically manage category content.

Ok. That’s a little over the top. What I’d like is something that looks like the changing categories for The Pioneer Woman. (Gee I get homesick when I go to that site. Did I ever mention one of my favorite ballet teachers was a Pawhuska native? You don’t know Oklahoma until you’ve spent time in Osage County.) So I found a couple of plugins.

Plugins aren’t the Glade variety when you’re running a blog, they’re handy little gizmos that seamlessly move into your code without you doing more than “install” and “activate.” Sometimes you have to give directions to a managing page, but it’s usually not very hard.


So I installed Featured Content Gallery on the other blog (You know, the one no one reads: CindyKilkenny.com) and tried to configure it.


This time the plugin demands I edit the template code and add a phrase. I did that. A box shows up, but I couldn’t get anything else there. Then I read at the bottom you had to do something else “regardless” of your configured decisions above. It lost me there – I could find the place to do that something in!

Now it’s all gone. Blog back to normal. Code restored to original template. But darn it! I want this thing to work.

If you have any experience with this type of rotating content, let me know. I’ve also stumbled across a similar plugin I may attempt tomorrow.

Right after I finish making the elf costume on my kitchen table.


  1. Ah – the annual Spartenette Elf costume, I presume? I remember it well. 🙂

  2. I read *both* your blogs and prefer commenting on the other simply because I enjoy those topics more. Today I cannot seem to get the other blog to load. It’s in a constant loop of “loading” with nothing actually showing up on my screen. I don’t know if it’s on my end or the blogs? This site loads just fine and quickly.

  3. Pat – it’s loading ok for me…

    Try holding down the ctrl key while you click on the refresh tab on your browser. That will load without using a cache. I did play with it last night, so it might have messed something up.

  4. Thanks! It’s working 🙂