No, Tosa, NO!

Wauwatosa voted last night to create a new position for an economic development director.

That’s right. When the going gets tough, the governments start bloating.

Dear Wauwatosa, I can tell you from experience watching the Brookfield version bloviate that little will come from this decision. Markets wax and wane. Your tax base gets caught up in that. Adding another $70,000 to $130,000 plus benefits a year to your tax paid budget won’t do a thing for you except create another job that will further drain your resources.

Oh, heck, if you insist on wasting taxpayers money like that, hire me. I can BS as well as the rest of them. You’ll think you stumbled across a goldmine while I sit back and spend your travel budget.

Local government has become ridiculous. Enough said.


  1. Why didn’t you mention this when Scott Walker wanted to increase his office by 25% for economic development division people?