So apparently Woods is more of a Tiger than we suspected…

Unless you’ve been under the magic covers today, you’ll know by now that Tiger Woods, the living legend of golf, has admitted to “transgressions.” Evidently one of them said she had texts and pictures when she talked to the press.

So far this extracurricular activity hasn’t impacted Woods lucrative endorsement income. It’s estimated he made over $100 million last year hawking for vendors like Accenture and Nike.

I’m thinking he’s just expanding his potential base. Can Trojan and Viagra be far behind?


  1. What are these “magic covers” of which you speak, and where can I get some?

    I wish I hadn’t heard about Tiger’s transgressions.

  2. Bkfld Voter says:

    As one clever person said, “They could nickname Tiger: CHEETAH”.

  3. Bkfld Voter says:

    get it… cheater (cheetah…cheater)… sounds alike…

  4. Oh, I got it. I’d prefer something to rhyme with dipsh…. better not use that word.

    I must say one gets very interesting spam when writing about Tiger Woods. Good thing for Askimet!