The 130th ‘Present’ Vote

If I were a member of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan I would be thanking Allah and just take a few years off. The President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief, just announced his military time-table in that country along with his own version of the surge. This is interesting as he adamantly opposed the surge in Iraq even after it proved to be quite successful. The President said most or all troops will be withdrawn by January, 2013–about three years from now. The central idea of his policy is to transfer military and police responsibilities to the Afghans in these three years while history has shown this will be next to impossibile. All one has to do is look at Japan, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, and even Iraq to know this time-table is a political decision that straddles the ‘let’s make everyone happy’ theme that comes with a ‘voting present’ President. Tradition dictates it takes many years to make a transition such as the President proposes in a disciplined country and society, let alone a fractured and corrupt country like Afghanistan with no infrastructure and no history of being stable.

In war one cannot have it both ways. Unpopular decisions have to be made and carried out. This President appears unable or unwilling to do either.


  1. Well put, sir.

    Did you notice he never said “victory” once in his speech?

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Dan H
    A point well taken.

  3. I really think the President has a problem with the concept of “victory” over a Muslim group. The book – Dreams from My Father – was a very powerful piece of reading when it comes to getting into that guy’s head.