Today, Thursday, December 3rd

To prove how behind I am, I typed November in the title above and had to correct it. It can’t be December already. It just can’t!

The usual suspects are predicting we’ll see some measurable snow tonight. I guess I better check the snowblower. You know if I have it all ready to go nothing will stick, but if I don’t we’ll have six inches. (At this point I should mention you should NEVER get in line behind me at the checkout counter. Trust me. Just trust me.)

I’m meeting with a gentleman this morning who is running for an elected position for the first time. I’m tickled someone would actually want my opinion! I’ll ask him if it’s ok to spill the beans before I tell you anymore, though.

Also on today’s to do list is finishing that elf costume. Yes, it’s for my favorite Spartanette. Last night we cut and fitted a circle skirt and also determined the tutu goes under the felt skirt, not over as originally planned. It’s really turning out very cute. If you happen to have a little girl you need to make something for Christmas, consider this tutu. It was easy and inexpensive and I wish I could make dozens this one turned out so well.

Finally, I’m making real progress on the new blog design. I looooove the learning curve that comes with a new project. Right now, I’m a very happy girl.

What? No hard news? Not that I can find. Surely something will pop up besides more of Tiger Woods’ mistresses. I’ll write it if it does.