Double Standard Squared

If you deny or don’t think there is extreme favoritism shown by the MSM for this White House watch this exchange at a recent news conference. If any Republican or conservative had reacted and spoken as WH spokesman Robert Gibbs did in response to a series of questions from April Ryan of American Urban Radio, it would be front page news and a top story on the evening news. Remember, he is responding to a woman-a black woman.

Elitism always surfaces, eventually.


  1. There is favoritism is the MSM. It’s been like this forever. It’s really something Americans should deal with and move forward. If they don’t like the MSM, there are plenty of other media outlets to choose from in this country. I honestly can’t see any reason to beat this dead horse anymore other than for political reasons.

    I would agree that this “exchange” would have been “news” had a Republican made the statements Gibbs made. That being said, it shouldn’t be news either way. No one outside of Washington gives two craps who was invited or not invited or whatever to a dinner that no one outside of Washington cares about either. Like Gibbs said, I’d like to think we have bigger problems to deal with than this nonsense.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Had just the exchange you describe been all that occured this post would never have been written. It was Gibbs’ condescending “calm down, take a deep breath…, this happens when my sonny does the same thing,” elitist statement that prompted me to comment. That’s the news-not the idiots who crashed the affair.

    And after 8 years of learning from the best on how to ‘beat a dead horse’ don’t expect me to let go for a minute. I don’t remember you making this conclusion when President Bush’s horse was beaten from every conceivable media front every day. I can’t help it
    that I’m such a good learner.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    I think you might be making something out of nothing here.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:
  5. Yes it would.