Matt Conway writes about East scholarships

The article ran in this month’s edition. Read Student Council scholarships cause controversy by Matt Conway.

(I’m told we have verbal permission to reprint this, but if it’s a problem, someone should let me know.)


  1. Brookfield Parent says:

    I know believe, after reading this article, that the whole student scholarship issue was good in its intentions, however executed wrong. While it is true that the Student Council should have made the student body aware of the practice, I believe that the situation is not as severe or horrible as those at FOX 6 and the BrookfieldNOW reported it to be. It seems to me like they only took this student leader Joe Springer’s point of view, and did not gather all of the facts.

    Nice piece of journalism! Very well done.

  2. Brookfield East Junior says:

    I read this in the paper last Tuesday at school and have to say that Joe Springer took this way too far. The practice was all fine, it was just the execution. I feel like this could have been handled much better–as in not going around telling everybody that student council is awful and illegal and that he is the greatest and most important person to come through the school. This article presented the facts really well, and everything was backed up. If only we were told this story earlier on, before it all blew out of proportion. Nice job matt

  3. Bkfld Voter says:

    In addition to learning how many requests were processed for homecoming ticket refunds, ongoing ticket sales trends may reflect how people feel about the use of their dance ticket money for scholarships.

    I have heard that BEHS Turnabout dance is just around the corner and students have been apprised that most of the funds from ticket sales will go toward scholarships.

    Would someone offer stats (price and quantity sold) of homecoming dance ticket sales ’07? ’08? ’09? Turnabout dance ticket sales? Any other dances to which the scholarship practice applies?

  4. Whoa! Bkfld Voter, I’d love some backup about the Turnabout ticket sales going to scholarships. At least they’d be told this time.

    I agree, the whole story could use a lot more detail, and the numbers you are looking for would be a great place to start.

    Also – is Matt Conway a student council member? Someone mentioned it, but I’ve not been able to confirm.

  5. Bkfld Voter says:

    A student might check the words at the bottom of the posters in school to read about use of funds for scholarships.

  6. East Student says:

    Turnabout is funded by the senior class. It’s completely different. 10 dollars for couples…proceeds go to senior class to pay for senior ball and the such. None of it goes to scholarships. Is that what everybody is going to think now about Brookfield East fundraisers?

  7. Could be. I know I’m old, but the cost of a dance used to fund the dance costs: mediocre band or dj, a few decorations, and some punch that was guarded by two of the more vigilant chaperones.

  8. Bkfld Voter says:

    I would like to make a clarification and an apology if anyone had a concern over what was quickly read and relayed to me regarding use of funds from sales of the upcoming Turnabout dance tickets.

    The note at the bottom of the posters has now been read more carefully and purposefully. Paraphrasing, it said something like this: Monies from ticket sales provide this dance, and are a main fundraiser for the Senior Class Fund of 2010. Money from ticket sales will go toward funding student activities for the Senior Class. Please see Mr. Gutierrez with questions. (end)

    Logically it follows that if Senior Class Fund does not provide scholarships, Turnabout dance ticket sales do not fund scholarships.

  9. If.

    Thanks for that detail Bkfld Voter.