‘Twas a Few Weeks Before Christmas

Yesterday I spent a little bit of quality time with the President and his family. No, I didn’t break through or lie to security-I actually had a ticket. It was a small affair, only about 7,000 or so of us gathered in Presidents’ Park at the Ellipse to participate in the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. First Lady Michelle Obama read “The Night Before Christmas” and the 40 foot tree was actually referred to as the National “Christmas” Tree. It was a non-partisan event as Santa Claus never mentioned the polar bears or Al Gore. The President’s daughters were well behaved and appeared to have a good time. I must admit I had never heard of Joshua Redman but boy can he play a mean sax.

And for you men out there I must say that Sheryl Crow, up close and personal, looks great and is quite beautiful. I was lucky enough to shake her hand and get her autograph–quite a thrill. And by the way, our Capital City is just flat beautiful at night.

It is my understanding the tree-lighting will be shown on PBS tonight.


  1. Sigh. It sounds great. I’m glad you had fun.

    (Um, would you mind getting back to work now? 😉 )