Well that’s awkward

Ten Tips Obama can take from Tiger

It’s the cover of this month’s Golf Digest.

(I wonder if one might be keep your pants zipped!)


  1. I’m getting a copy to put with the “Brett Farve retires” copies of Sports Illustrated.

  2. Good idea!

  3. AUH2O Republican says:

    Bravo to Elin Woods!!! A woman who fights back and “just won’t take it”. A shining example for all humiliated and dumped-on women of every social class.

    We’ve been exposed to Elizabeth “I’m dying and we need to stay together for the children” Edwards, Silda “the doormat” Spitzer, Jenny “Appalachian Trail” Sanford and Hillary “You owe me” Clinton. All these women are professional, talented and marketable in their own right. Why don’t they follow the example of any self-respecting woman who works the line at Ford. Dump him and go on with your dignity intact!!! You GO Elin Girl!!!!!

  4. Well since you put it like that, I’d tend to agree. What bothers me is all the talk of redoing the prenup and how she might stick around to get more. I’m sorry; that’s a business arrangement, not a marriage.

  5. The Lorax says:

    Can’t blame her, the institution of marriage has historically been more of a business arrangement than a love affair.

  6. You have not found the right person yet.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    As a former small buisnessman I see potential in producing a Tiger Woods calendar. It appears 11 women have now come forward so only one more is needed to fill out the year. Throw in some teenie Bikinis and backdrops of famous golf courses and the year of the Tiger could be a huge seller.


  8. I know! We could sell “I slept with Tiger Woods” t-shirts. After all, there’s a growing demand. 😉