Coming up this week

–I predict Fairly Conservative will have its 15,000th comment. Yes, that’s a lot of chatter. It’s also a strong indication of the health of this blog. We’ve not even had a 2nd birthday yet.

–I will be playing with the blog design. I can’t help it. I’m finding some very cool stuff out there. I remember from attempts in the past that comments, particularly comments as shown on the left, seem to matter a lot to you. We’ll see.

–Paradise is supposed to get some snow. One tweet I saw suggested 10-13 inches by Wednesday. I sure hope they are wrong. Sometimes it’s really good to be wrong. Snowblower is filled and has been started just in case. (Pooey.)

–Stuff you want to talk about?

We’re going to look at some Oklahoma legislation, but first I need to verify the contents of an e-mail that’s going around.

Also, Wisconsin legislators (you know, the ones currently sending out holiday fundraising invitations – and yes Ted Kanavas I mean you) have failed to protect residents according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (The spouse just grumbled “another reason for people to leave the state sooner rather than later” when we talked about it. The spouse’s curmudgeon side matches my own sometimes.)

As always, let me know if there’s anything else that should be on that list.

–Photos will be showing up more often. That’s the big trend in blogging, you know. Pictures to divert you from the content. 😉