80% of Wisconsin school districts offer 4 year-old kindergarten

But yet, the state is millions in the hole. What part of this do lawmakers not understand?

Anyway, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is touting their new numbers. Go take a peak if you must.

I’m not even nice about this subject anymore. The push for 4K is hooey. And for all those comments that will disagree I will explain to you:

1) Yes your little darling is soooo smart they must be entertained every minute, but no it really doesn’t make them any brighter down the road, and

2) What? You want to pop them out and hand them over to the state now?

Let me adjust my soapbox and explain that children, a remarkable gift from God, are not bestowed upon you so that you may hand them off to a union educator. If you can’t stand four years at home with your little one, don’t procreate.


  1. Bkfld Voter says:

    Understanding that many families require two incomes (if even temporarily due to unforseen circumstances, illness, accident, etc)… there are many wonderful local nannies, au-pairs, daycare centers, and preschools among which to choose.

    For enrichment, there are programs at local Y’s, churches, museums, dance studios, martial arts, etc. For many, a day with their grandparents may provide interesting new subjects and perspectives, whether filling the bird feeder or a trip to the library.

    Children may benefit from an array of customized, flexible, diverse offerings… more than from a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter toddler curriculum. Parents, be confident in your abilities to discuss, screen, and select opportunities for your children. Most likely you know your children best and can be most responsive to their ever changing needs, interests, and growth.

    Cindy, thank you for bringing the issue of 4K to the surface at this time. 4K is one of several important criteria as I consider which candidates will receive my vote in the upcoming school board election(s).

  2. It’s an individual’s right to choose how they parent, but I really, truly, feel that more often than not, families don’t require two incomes, they want two incomes – or two careers, or however they describe it. I can’t even count the number of times that second job nets a household about $200 a month after child care. Consider wear and tear on a second car, eating out, etc., I just can’t ever imagine it being worth it.

    I love your statement, “Parents, be confident in your abilities to discuss, screen, and select opportunities for your children.” I agree that children benefit from confident parents. No, you aren’t given a manual, but I did get some pretty good instincts!

  3. The Lorax says:

    Disagree on the two incomes thing. That being said, i’m not a huge fan of 4k. It is good for socialization but we have to choose where to spend our resources. 4k shouldn’t be one of those areas.

  4. J. Strupp says:

    Oh I disagree on that. A LOT of families require two incomes these days to stay afloat. Maybe not so much in the Milwaukee ‘burbs though.

    I do agree that there are many families that want rather than need two incomes. Believe it or not, kids can learn a great deal in terms of social interaction, structure, creativity, etc. by spending a couple days a week away from mom and dad. If my wife stopped working tommorrow, we would send my kids to their day care a day a week regardless. They love it and taking that experience away from them would actually be unfortunate for them in my opinion. Of course, that’s not always the case.

    P.S. A lot of women prefer to stay working after they have kids even if they only net a couple hundred buck a week after expenses. Sometimes being “worth it” has nothing to do with financial reward.

  5. J. Strupp says:

    Lastly, my daughter learns as much from her structured day care center than would be taught at a 4K. The only benefit from 4K in my opinion is the reduced day care expenses for mom and dad. That’s not a good enough reason to carry a 4K, considering our government’s budget issues.

  6. Unfortunately, those who support 4K and wish to see it reinstated are fueling the school-closing rumors by stating that Hillside will close unless we bring it back – that it is the “solution” to the current budget crisis for SDOE. They are asking parents to sign a “pro 4K” petition so that Hillside will not close.

    What they simply do not understand is that, because the state is facing its own budget crisis, there is no guarantee that Elmbrook will continue to receive supplemental funding for 4K or that it will remain at its current levels.

    If funding were to be pulled – or even cut back – the district could potentially face even more consequences to the budget because they would assume a greater responsibility for funding the preschool education for not only the 4 year-olds in our community…but the 4 year-olds from surrounding communities (because if 4K were reinstated, Elmbrook would be required to open classroom seats to non-resident students under the state’s Open Enrollment laws.)

    The administration has yet to prove that 4K is self-funding, and even if it is…reinstaing it is nothing more than a “quick fix” to the budget crisis. Unfortunately, that “quick fix” could have an unfavorable impact on future budgets.

  7. Furthermore, there is no indication that it will most certainly be Hillside should the district decide to close a school. It is merely one of the scenarios being proposed and studied.

    There is also no proof that reinstating 4K would prevent a school from closing. Again…it is simply one of the scenarios that has been proposed and will be studied.

  8. J. Strupp – a lot of women do prefer to stay working. What they consider “worth it” is probably different than what I considered “worth it.”

  9. A 4K petition? Wanna tell me more? E-mail is fine, too.

  10. Excellent!