Compromise health care plan emerging in the Senate

The Wall Street Journal flat blows me away by declaring the new option, “would turn away from the direct government-run insurance plan, or public option…”

Instead it would empower the government’s Office of Personnel Management — which already oversees the federal employees’ health plan — to run a new national health plan, congressional aides said. The office would negotiate terms with private insurers, then contract with nonprofit entities set up by the private sector to run the program, aides said.

There’s also talk of lowering Medicare to age 55. Nah, that won’t cost much. Will it? 😉 Wasn’t there already something about reducing Medicare costs?

I’m reaching for the Tums. Read for yourself.


  1. What I read today was that you could buy in to Medicare at 55, which actually wouldn’t cost much.

  2. Bkfld Voter says:

    When the compromise in the health care plan includes congress giving up the emolument of their exclusive health care plan and subjecting themselves to the same as whatever they create for citizens (or “residents” including illegals/undocumented), that would be newsworthy.