Writing a Post for a blogging site should be more than just giving a link to another site. However, due to the nature and content of my discussion here–I intend to do just that. This concerns Kevin Jennings, our safe schools Czar, appointed by President Obama.
Pevious to his White House appointment, Jennings founded GLSEN, which stands for Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network. The stated mission of GLSEN, among other things, is to empower gay youth in the schools and to stop harassment by other students. This organization came up with and recommended a list of books for all students, grades K thru 12.

Here are a few of the books:

Queer 13
Being Different
The Full Spectrum
Revolutionary Voices
Reflections of a Rock Lobster
Passages of Pride
Growing Up Gay/Growing Up Lesbian
The Order of the Poison Oak
In Your Face
Mama’s Boy, Preacher’s Son
Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth

You can go here to Gateway Pundit and scroll down to see some of the excerpts taken from these books recommended for all children. BE WARNED, THIS IS EXPLICIT MATERIAL. Be sure and see the copy of an etching titled ” A Process of Change” which includes Boy Scouts.

The point here is to highlite yet another Obama appointee with a mission, a cause if you will. He founded the organization that introduced the linked material to be used by our children. He is in charge of our children’s safety. Kevin Jennings works as a top aide to our President in the White House. You decide if you think this is a good idea for your or anyone’s children.


  1. It’s just like how you shouldn’t loose sight of your kids because otherwise Jews will catch them in a net and drain their blood, drink it, and sacrifice the kid to their god, who I think they call Yiddish.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Which Czar in th White House wants to do that, Lorax ?

  3. I don’t think he’s worked there for about a year 🙂

  4. Call me the neighborhood prude, but since when is my child’s sexual development the school’s responsibility? Just because some kids aren’t parented, how does it turn out that my parenting rights are continually usurped?

    That reading list isn’t one I’d touch with a ten-foot pole.

  5. Point taken, but kids who don’t have supportive parents can cope and find solace in books. I wonder if your child were gay if you’d feel different.

  6. So now you’re the gay police telling me which children are and are not?

    I know you think you’re taking a typical liberal bend on this conversation, Lorax, but you need to think it through. Just how many rights are you willing to give up in this country because a situation might apply?

    Kids without engaged parents need a whole lot more help on average than a book about gay/lesbian lifestyles.

  7. The Lorax says:

    One hundred years ago, this post would almost certainly have been about keeping Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Cady Stanton out of the schools.

  8. J. Strupp says:

    No chance my kids are reading that garbage.

  9. Deflecting the conversation, Lorax?

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Just so there is no misunderstanding here, the list of books is from GLSEN, not the government. My point is that Jennings is the founder of and was active in GLSEN before moving to the White House and I doubt he has experienced a change in his belief system.

  11. Oh, I know. It’s just such a slippery slope. We certainly had our brush with “teaching the children” in Elmbrook re: sex ed in the last year. I think it worked out ok in the end, but it was an eye opener, to be sure, where the district was willing to go in the name of education.

  12. The Lorax says:

    Randy’s comment (#10) is the reason why I didn’t respond, Cindy. No one is losing their rights over this dweeb.

  13. Bkfld Voter says:

    @Lorax, I believe there is a child’s right to “innocence”, to a sense of safety which does not allow adult sex with children, forced sex with cousins, etc.

    The excerpts linked to were disturbing in their lack of self-control, dignity, respect, and self-esteem. Treating people as bodies… objects for constant copulation and self-gratification denies our higher self, our ability to develop meaningful relationships through conversation. It reduces us to mere animals.

    I understood (and I may be wrong) that the homosexual lifestyle was originally promoted (not practiced, but PROMOTED) by those who found it to address their concerns of overpopulation. Modern infertility treatments would negate this logic, as homosexuals may choose to forego adoption in preference of artificial insemination and surrogacy.

    People may be what they will be, however I suggest the old-fashioned approach of keeping ones’ sexual matters to one’s self. This precludes advocating for any behaviors other than virginity, monogamy, celibacy, privacy.

  14. The Lorax says:

    Putting out a book list isn’t denying that right. And if kids find the books and have questions, their dutiful parents can answer them.

    Some of the excerpts were rather explicit. So was the tit-rape scene in Beloved, which we read in school.

    The GLSEN does offer this caveat on all their book lists: “All BookLink items are reviewed by GLSEN staff for quality and appropriateness of content. However, some titles for adolescent readers contain mature themes. We recommend that adults selecting books for youth review content for suitability. The editorial and customer reviews listed at often provide information on mature content.”

  15. The Lorax says:

    “I understood (and I may be wrong) that the homosexual lifestyle was originally promoted (not practiced, but PROMOTED) by those who found it to address their concerns of overpopulation.”

    I think you are, indeed, wrong.

    “People may be what they will be, however I suggest the old-fashioned approach of keeping ones’ sexual matters to one’s self.”

    Studies continually show that kids who aren’t exposed to the dangers and facts of their forthcoming sexual lives end up entering that world with little knowledge, which is of detriment. Sure, parents should educate–but they don’t.

    I just threw out my old debate cases on abstinence-only education or i’d send you a couple dozen cards (that is, evidence) on it.

  16. Lorax, you have no interest in listening to another side on this one. Grab your books and curl up in a corner. We’re done now. 😉

  17. The Lorax says:

    You “win”

  18. No need to win. I just wanted to let you know I’m not really that interested in your opinion any more.

  19. Thank Dick Cheney’s daughter for the right to be able to voice that opinion Lorax. Even if it doesn’t sit well with CK the facts are that a lot of “kids” get mixed signals about their sexuality all the time. Whether it’s from Barney & friends or watching Nip/Tuck by accident. I am not promoting the lifestyle but if you ask homosexuals ‘why’ they will – more often than not – tell you it’s genetic. Part of their pre-disposed orientation.

  20. Then it can’t be “taught” in a classroom and no books are necessary. 😉

  21. No – but books can inform them about the internal urges they don’t understand that need to be released. No matter which direction that may be. You need to stop channeling your hetro legacy and let people, young or old, make their own choices.
    BTW -Sorry to hear you’re taking down this blog as it’s a well done venue for a wide range of issues. And a great place to throw mud when it’s deserved. Bravo!

  22. Mr. Hell, back to the original discussion, then what roll is there left for the parent? My “hetro” legacy is a happy one. I’m tolerant of others’ decisions, but there’s no need to reinvent sexuality.

    Either you’re gay or you aren’t. It’s never going to be a majority sexuality. Life as a minority can suck.

    Not exactly news, huh?

  23. Randy in Richmond says:

    As often happens, the theme of a post is diverted for a sundry of reasons. This post is not about being gay, homosexuals, heterosexuals, minorities, etc. It is about smut, indecencies, and pornographic material being presented to our children by an organization. If a Christian organization wanted to distribute heterosexual literature and pictures, for our children, equivalent to what the group referred to in this post has already done, I would present the same objections. Don’t change the subject to about being gay or feelings or whatever. The literature this organization is promoting is filth and not appropriate for children of any ilk.