Symbolism over Substance

Ah, Copenhagen. The event where President Obama will ride in at the last moment on a white horse and save the world. He surely will make some pronouncement of what the US will do to save the world from CO2 emissions while India and China will–do nothing. And the President has little to no chance of getting Senate approval for most any energy reduction of CO2 generation because of our coal, oil, and natural gas producing states as well as automobile associated businesses. But this will be his kind of United Nations audience, where he will shine and his socialistic views will be adored by all in attendence. Plus he will be aglow from freshly receiving the Nobel Peace Prize–another story within itself. Yes, it looks to be a good two weeks coming for the President.

Will there be any discussion of the recently pirated emails showing how the numbers have been cooked for decades to distort the very science this conference is promoting ?

Meanwhile in Copenhagen there will be 1200 full sized limos in use for the duration of the Conference. About 140 private jets will be utilized to get the attendees to Denmark. Even the working girls have promised free sex to anyone with credentials to the conference. And it is reported there will be 5 electric cars or hybrids in use at the conference.

All of this will generate about 40,000 tons of CO2 or around the amount produced in a full year by 60 small developing countries. There is no way to accurately measure the amount of hot air that will be generated.