Harry Reid’s brush with history

It’s all over the blogosphere that Harry Reid attempted a swipe at Republicans yesterday comparing a request to get health care legislation right to those who wanted to back away from slavery emancipation.

“There were those who dug in their heels and said slow down.” As Silent E cleverly points out, they were Democrats!

Oh, but that can be explained. You see, today’s Democrats just rewrite a little history and shazam! They can say anything they want.

That would be a shark jump for Mr. Reid. Soon there will be nothing to watch at all on this issue.


  1. It is too bad the Damocrats are trying to get health care for ALL Americans by negotiating within their party and with the Republicants. As I sit with my jaw on the floor wondering what that election was all about a year ago I think of the possibilities. Apparently having a majority in both houses doesn’t automatically mean that change (or progress) will come – ever. This is all about the special interests and lobbyists oiling the machine so it sings their tune. Corporatocracy forever! Bravo…