The snow day countdown

Elmbrook is a fickle player in this game.

It’s 8:30 p.m. Do you know if there’s school tomorrow?


  1. Fine, its 8:50-what would be your call?

  2. I’m waiting until 5am to make the call…why rush?

  3. Well, I just did part of the driveway and this isn’t snow that’s easy to move, plus it’s still coming down at a quick rate.

    I’m declaring a snow day.


    JUST got home from American Legion meeting and driving is slow, slow. My wife, Kathy, is outside arranging the xmas lites and my little kitty is happy to be inside safe.

  5. Elmbrook officials and observers meet around 4 A.M. in a telephone conference, and is usually posted by 5. I am getting up early tomorrow to check.

  6. I’ll be up every two hours letting the dog out – had to give in and remove the doggy door this evening. I’ll be checking, too.

    Like the youngest said, though, she’ll just wait for the early morning phone call. It’s her cue to roll over and tuck in.

    This is a goofy method. What’s wrong with a little planning ahead?

  7. I have a 4×4 Truck and it can’t get out of the garage. Snow day or not, i’m not going to school tomorrow.

  8. My power was out for the past few minutes. This is going to be one heck of a storm.

    I can’t get any sleep because the guy next door is shoveling. He is a firefighter and is in full uniform. Guess it can stand the cold as well as it can stand the heat.

    God, I’m hoping school will be closed tomorrow.

  9. That’s the general consensus from this corner of town, Joe.

    Our power’s on, but the cable keeps going out – which for us means the phone, and Gasp! the internet! are gone, too.

    I’m crawling in bed. It will all be here tomorrow, I’m sure.

  10. 5:15 a.m. No word.

    Matt Gibson, if you’re having school today, will you please come clear my driveway so the youngest can get there?

  11. Everything is open except Tonawanda, according to

    Just because Arrowhead, Menomonee Falls, and Waukesha school districts are all closed that doesn’t signal anything…