Elmbrook is open

Our clever leaders can schedule a whole week off for Thanksgiving, but heaven forbid they build in a snow day or two.


She’ll get there when she can, ok? I have 8 inches of very wet snow to get off the driveway.

Update: 6:40 a.m. – Dr. Gibson, can you call Mayor Jeff Speaker and suggest he needs to get the side streets plowed? Ours isn’t done, and you’ll have a bus on it soon.

ALSO – Libby’s right – WTMJ says Elmbrook is closed, but if you click on the link it says Tonawanda only.

We’re having some fun now.


  1. My mom has made the decision to keep me home today. We can’t drive in this weather, and the worst part is, Waukesha County is expected to get more snow throughout the day.

    I have a feeling someone is going to start another “Dr. Gibson should be shot” group on Facebook.

  2. TMJ4 online is reporting Elmbrook Schools are closed…but it is a mistake. Tonawanda is closed due to a power outage…but not the entire school district.

    That mistake is going to cause a few headaches.

  3. Anthony – I’d be content if Dr. Gibson simply had certain responsibilities removed. They can take a little pay away, too, since he can’t make good choices.

  4. The Lorax says:

    Yeah, UWM is the only UW school open today. Down here in Whitefish Bay there is hardly any snow.

    Looks to be very wet but not like the big load y’all go out in the burbs.

  5. Downtown Milwaukee didn’t get hardly any snow either. It was more just piles of sloosh as I was walking to my car this morning. But as I hit the zoo on my way to work (Waukesha) it was like “wham!” blizzard.

    P.S. Gibson has always been an idiot…especially when it comes to this. Why anyone would expect a snow day in Elmbrook is beyond me.

  6. We remain ever hopeful DIL. Guess we can’t be taught.

  7. I think the real problem will be at 3:00 when students get out. The winds and snow were supposed to die down in the morning, but then at noon swing right back into blizzard conditions until the evening. So Elmbrook is pretty much making me drive my car home in a blizzard this afternoon…what jerks.

  8. There is a rumor that Grasch’s is closing. The store denies this. Have you heard anything?

  9. The Lorax says:

    Renee, for the day? or for good?

  10. Well-informed Brookfield residents know that the BUS company makes the decision to drive/no drive during snow events.

    Gibson acts accordingly.

    Even though the roads are bad, they are by no means impassable or even dangerous. I know, because I drove them.

  11. the rumor is for good

  12. Renee – what’s the source of the rumor?

  13. What’d ya gonna do when it really snows?

  14. Oh, it counts as really snowed in this neck of the woods.

  15. Cindy- something for you to watch before your last post in Jan. Wonder if Gibson will have a hard time making the call on any snow days prior to Jan. 18th. According to the calendar, snow days need to be made up this year and the first day is Jan 18th – a teacher inservice. Basically means teachers would lose their inservice and have to teach that day instead. Made me wonder this morning as one ppms bus ended up in a ditch for 30 minutes.

  16. My Grandpa called and said FOX6 was airing this morning that Elmbrook was closed. They later changed it to Tonawanda Elementary.

  17. An Elmbrook bus in the ditch? I hope everyone was ok!

  18. Wow – that is going to ruffle some feathers!

    I’m surprised the media isn’t ripping apart Elmbrook right now like they did two years ago. The anchors were actually making fun of Andy Smith!

  19. I’d forgotten all about Andy!

  20. When a wheel skids off the road – not much you can do. As far as I know all are well – outside of having to sit lopsided for a while. They were probably happy to have the extra time to text their friends. Parents on the other hand…

    I too forgot about Andy. Loved it when thought he was “clarifying” but really ended up coming off as argumentative and arrogant.

  21. Oh – Andy Smith. Good times. Good times.

  22. I heard a BEHS bus almost hit a ditch this morning.

    Tons of people were late or absent. Two kids from Pewaukee who go to East both took an hour to get to school.

  23. BrkfldDad says:

    Anybody else’s kid have a wasted day? More study halls than class due to absent teachers.

  24. Just got an email from Mr. Bowers saying that due to the fact that TV stations aired that Elmbrook was closed, and that some families did not know school was in session, that absences for today are not being counted towards exam exemptions.

  25. We had that info in the way of a phone call, Anthony.

    Bdad, that’s no surprise. The youngest stayed home until 7th hour. Big whoop! Tomorrow is one of those fabulous half days, so nothing happening then, either.

    I’m beginning to think my case of senioritis is much more damning than the youngest’s.