About those “fabulous” half days Elmbrook championed last year…

They’re gone. Actually – there’s one today, but they’re gone for next year. The board voted the calendar Tuesday night and Elmbrook is back to one-hour early release on Thursdays.

Thank goodness they had the brains to undo their previous damage.


  1. It also says we’re getting a whole week off for Thanksgiving (again) and it looks like Spring Break is pretty long next year.

  2. I am not a fan of getting the whole week off for Thanksgiving when the point is to have parent teacher conferences that week.

    People travel for the holiday and I shouldn’t have to choose between seeing out of town family and meeting with my child’s teacher that week. Isn’t that the most heavily traveled week of the year?

    Plus, it seems to be pretty late to hold parent teacher conferences. Wouldn’t late October be a better time for parents to find out how their kids are doing?

    I will acknowledge that I am a rookie with the school stuff (first year with a child in Elmbrook) and that there may be more that goes into these decisions, so fire away! Help me understand, please!

  3. Kelly – for a rookie, you seem to understand things pretty well around here! The administration received numerous complaints about the conference issue this year (I was among them!)…so I am surprised that it was not addressed in the calender negotiations.

    With the lack of information provided by the new report cards, conferences with the teachers are necessary if a parent wishes to gain a true understanding how how their child is performing.

    Of course, one need not wait until “conference” time to meet with your child’s teacher.

  4. I don’t see the problem. If you want to go to conferences, travel a shortened route/schedule. Otherwise, travel your little heart out. No one’s telling you to get outta Brookfield for the whole week. Though, I don’t blame you for trying!