Conservative state representatives must be sleeping on the job.

A reader reminded me to bring this one up. (I always appreciate your e-mails!)

You need to let your state representative and senator know they have a little work to do. They’ve fallen asleep at work and let Wisconsin be the only state to not adopt important changes regarding retirement funding. This story by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explains everything more thoroughly.

It’s important these changes get made.

I know it’s not cool to champion legislation in order to provide benefits to those earning more than $100,000 a year, but keep something in mind dear taxpayer: if it doesn’t get done, all of those top wage-earners nearing retirement with a home in Florida or Arizona could manage to live in those places long enough to be considered a taxpayer there instead. It could really cost the state, which means it could really cost you as you try to make up the revenue difference.

(Goodness knows they never ever deal with their little spending problem!)

A change also means more revenue in the next two years when we’re still in big revenue trouble due to the economy. Less revenue in 2013 is likely to happen when we’ve seen a bit of a recovery.

It still amazes me that our legislators swear they are working so hard on our behalf, but let something like this slide.

Here’s a link of e-mail addresses for your Senators. This is for the Assembly.


  1. The problem I see is the lower Wisconsin limits allowed for 401K and IRA contributions: $ 7,500 and 2,000 respectively. Those limits affect all taxpayers, not just those earning over $ 100,000. The regular to Roth IRA conversion option for high income wage earners is not really the big news in this article.