Geek alert

I need your help, and all it will take is a few clicks and your opinion.

There are three different options I’m finding for the scrolling content I want to put on the new site.

First: take a look at the spiffy rotating category feature from The Pioneer Woman. It’s my first love, but I’m having a hard time recreating the tabs at the bottom since my coding skills are nil.

Second: here’s the Lonely Planet. This is a standard look and a plug in that’s easy to find for WordPress.

Third: here’s a slideshow with content tabs to the side. It’s growing on me, but still not my first choice.

Let me know if 2 or 3 will do, or if I need to continue to pursue number 1.



  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Firstly, I am nowhere near a geek.

    I think 2 would be great. You may be like me and prefer the content of 1 but they aren’t that much different in presentation. I dislike 3 because I am familiar with it on my RealPlayer and the side thing seems unbalanced.
    Also you originally put me on to this site which I still visit:

    She uses innovative and creative ideas on her site–might be worth a peek. One feature she does extremely well is to have ‘triggers’ initiated by your cursor that play music related to the theme being observed. I think this would work well on a travel oriented site.

  2. Complete web design geek. Currently in Geometry, will get back to you later.

  3. I love her site! She commented here once – that’s how I found her. I haven’t been in ages, though. I’ll go look.