J.B. Van Hollen, maybe you should reconsider.

You see, I firmly believe Wisconsin Republicans (of which, to be clear, I am not one right now) are going to land on their butts in November 2010 if they don’t take seriously the need to make straight a path. Hosting parties for the likes of Scott Newcomer doesn’t exactly say you’re looking for the brightest and best to lead our state.

Someone sent me a copy of the invitation to Newcomer’s fundraiser the 17th. Tommy Thompson is a “special guest.” I can forgive that – Thompson will prostitute himself for anyone, and I’d bet he’s being paid for an appearance. What gets me going is the number of people I VOTE FOR who are on the list: mainly Van Hollen and Representative Rich Zipperer.

Here’s the text:


I’ve made it quite clear how I feel about Newcomer. I’ve written over and over again that Republicans had better walk the talk or they’ll be lonely for a long time.

Supporting Scott Newcomer as a special host isn’t exactly standing for your values. That man does not deserve to be re-elected. I’m widely considered one of your fans, but J.B. Van Hollen, maybe you should reconsider.


  1. You may be tired of blogging but your approach to local and state politics is second to none. This is your niche Cindy. It would be unfortunate to see remove yourself from something you excel at doing. This entry is proof positive.

    My .02.

    I wish you luck and enjoyment with your travel blog.