Journal Interactive offers free campaign blogs

Brookfield mayoral candidate David Marcello has started one at

Take a minute and notice Mr. Marcello’s first commenter is Mayor Jeff Speaker’s hit man 5th District Alderman Scott Berg. (Ok, I snorted a little just now. Like we didn’t see that one coming.) Interestingly Mr. Marcello’s second commenter is quick to introduce readers to Marcello’s criminal record. (Keep in mind, Marcello’s record of child abuse wasn’t much of a problem for voters in the past.)

Berg is the one to watch here. He’s obviously been given an assignment. His rewards are many as doled out by City Hall. Most recently, he’s maintained a position as the official city spokesperson – that person most interviewed by Journal and their subsidiary reporters. Berg needs that kind of approval to survive, so expect him to do his job very well.

In the meantime, whatever dust that flies over Journal Interactive’s decision to openly endorse a mayoral candidate will be dismissed as “Jeff Speaker is welcome to have a blog here as well.” Just remember Jeff Speaker doesn’t have much in the way of a command on the written word. He’d do well to have a city staff person – oops, I mean a campaign supporter – write it for him and get something up there.

More on the race between Dumb and Dumber in a later post.