Obama gave a speech and I missed it?

crackerjackOh, wait. I miss most of them. This one was for the Nobel Peach Prize.

Here’s the text from the AP.

I totally could have rocked as Obama’s speech writer for this one. My version:

Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Distinguished Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, citizens of America, and citizens of the world:

I did nothing to deserve this.

The end!

You know, that Cracker Jack box is an important statement. 😉


  1. The obvious reason the Nobel Committee granted the award was that Obama restored hope to the country and the world, in contrast to the run-and-gun cowboy mentality offered by the previous administration. Cheney was unscrupulous and the world knew it.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Cheney was President ? Which legislation did he sign ?

  3. Some liberals can be such intellectuals!

  4. Randy,
    Two errors in your witty repartee;
    -my comment made no reference to “president”;
    -you assumed Bush was smart enough to lead “the previous administration”.

  5. Oh, I see. You think it’s reasonable to compare apples and oranges if it makes your point. Why is that not surprising?

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thanks for the compliment. When you can use linkable facts and make a congruent statement I will respond.