Ask Cindy

We really only have a few days of this left given the holidays and all. I thought I’d give you a chance to ask those final questions.

If you are rude, you can expect I will take you out in my own special way, but really, there’s very little I haven’t let you in on over the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see if you come up with anything. I will be as honest as I can, and if I can’t I’ll try to explain why.

So, here’s your chance. I have a few things planned as we get to the end. We might as well get started. Blogging tricks? Laundry tricks? I’m all yours!


  1. SEO secrets? I could really use those!

  2. Anthony, got it. It’s a long list, so I’ll get to it later tonight.

  3. Do you secretly crave Hooter’s chicken wings?

    No .. wait… I don’t want my single question to be that one.

    Do you secretly wish you were a Democrat?

    Hmm…. no … don’t answer that one either.

    Okay I have my question. Will you be running for ‘some sort’ of public office in the future?

    There. That’s my question.

  4. Not a chance. I’m closing that chapter in my life when I close the blog. I’m ready, and I feel really good about that. Although I have had two people suggest I should run for Governor…

    BTW, you can ask more than one question. Really.

    (And no to the wings – actually I’ve never had them, and my parents are Democrats, so I’ve already been one. 😉 )

  5. Out of all the votes you’ve made (as a citizen and as a representative), do you regret any? And if so, what and why?

    I always enjoy hearing my grandma talk about this and about how you don’t always end up voting for the best horse in hindsight.

  6. My citizen votes I’m going to keep private. That’s a privilege of living in America. To be honest, I’d probably have to go through the records to come up with an example as an alderman. Nothing really stands out for me right now. I’m perfectly open to being reminded of something I might have messed up, though.

    In general, my votes made sense to me at the time. Having a vote in the public record can be tough stuff. There’s often a lot of nuance in a vote, but all that’s recorded is a final yea or nay that won’t make a lick of sense in text without backup.

    If I think of anything I’ll let you know.

  7. Bkfld Voter says:

    What caused you to decide to get your degree in Political Science? Do you ever play with the idea of earning another degree? In what area(s)?

  8. OOoh. That’s a good one!

    I love politics. It’s my maternal grandmother’s fault. She used to take me to the polls on voting day when she worked there. She only had an 8th grade education, but if I sound like anyone in the role, I sound like her. She knew people inside out. She’d argue every side of an issue and make you guess what she really thought.

    When I woke up one day and realized there was life after motherhood, school was an obvious option. I’d been about 2 and a half years before and a little after I married, but I’d not finished. I am the first woman from either side of my family to finally get it done. That was really important to me.

    Political science was a good fit because of the credits that would transfer. It was the short way to a diploma given my original degree (oh, dear goodness, please don’t laugh!) of secretarial science was no long available in any university. I’d really always been interested in law, so there was plenty in those early years that fit into the required classwork.

    I’ve always been really smart (Berg, I heard you guffaw.), but I’ve never properly channeled it. Science and math always came easily, but I didn’t want to teach (you parents should be glad I know that limitation!) and I didn’t want to end up in research. Poli Sci was a degree I could keep without feeling too guilty if I never used it.

    One class from this last round of college that I really loved was symbolic language. I love logic, and might consider something along those lines if I were to ever go back. I also really enjoyed the statistics portion of my poli sci degree, and would enjoy a masters of some kind with polling, etc., as a focus. Of course, there’s law to consider, but I have a son about to step into that and I wouldn’t want to get in his way.

    To be honest, I think I’m done. Going back to school as an adult was an amazing privilege. UWM was the absolutely perfect fit. I’m really proud of what I accomplished, but the remaining items on my list really don’t include more education.

  9. The end of politics, and the start of travel. Sounds like a good path to go on considering where our government is going.

  10. Do you regret running for mayor?

  11. Another good question. I’ll give you a typical politician’s answer (even though I’m in recovery 😉 ) and say no then yes, and then no.

    The campaign experience was amazing. I put together a very effective campaign for less than half the price of what it’s usually done around here. (Clue to what could have been, Brookfield!) And even though City of Brookfield 5th District Alderman Scott Berg still loves to call me a loser every chance he gets, that experience really made me a winner. I took a big risk by running, and about 3800 people believed in what I could do. When’s the last time you could document 3800 people were behind your ideas?

    Of course, the yes comes from the bipolar accusation Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker’s camp put out there. That was really hard on my family, and unfortunately it stuck around for a while. My daughter had people come up to her at school and say, “I didn’t know your mom was mentally ill.” I had one dear woman put her arm around my shoulder at the grocery store and explain her cousin was bipolar and it was nothing to be ashamed of these days.

    And that’s the kicker – it’s nothing to be ashamed of at all. Heck my being overweight is more embarrassing than someone being bipolar. The overweight implies I have some control over the situation while bipolar is as much the way you are wired as having green eyes. However, the accusation is a problem in the political world. They couldn’t get the “she’s liberal” label to stick as well as they’d have liked, so they used this one instead.

    I still say I would have loved to have lost a fair race. But then I realize, all political matches are at risk of sleaze. I was naive to think otherwise.

    Now to the final no. I would not be the woman I am today if I had not run. I laughed the other day when MJS columnist Patrick McIlheran called me “intrepid” because darn it, I am. It’s like I’ve walked through the fire and realize on the other side NOTHING stands in my way. I have the love of my God, the love of my family, and a very well-defined sense of self. Since those three are absolute, there is no real downside to the risks I take in stating the truth. It’s the most satisfying way of living I have ever experienced.

    Thanks again for asking, Dean. I think I really needed to say some of that.

  12. david marcello says:


    How does one get rid of untrue postings about themself which appear on Google and were posted by Cindy Kilkenney?

    Just curious if you have any knowledge
    about such things?

  13. Dang, Dave. Get help. It’s not even 3:30 and it sounds like you’re three sheets to the wind.

  14. J. Strupp says:

    I can tell ya that posting the sentence, “How does one get rid of untrue postings about themself which appear on Google and were posted by Cindy Kilkenney?” on a popular blog site ain’t gonna help get rid of it.

  15. david marcello says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Blog 101: Aswer an honest question with another deceiving statement. Ok, I get your point. My mistake for expecting an honest answer from you. Best regards,

  16. Ok, if it’s an honest question, then:

    1) you can start by spelling my name correctly, and then
    2) you can prove my statements are not correct. But I’ll warn you “Court found the defendant guilty as charged in the complaint.” as stated in the CCAP documents is what it is.

  17. Dear Cindy,
    Wisconsin circuit court redcords state that
    Defendant entered a plea of no contest to the misdemenor charge of battery> \”Court finds the defendant guilty as charged in the complaint. \”

    Same case reviewed by the court on 1-23-2004

    \”On motion of the state, Court vacates previous plea and judgment, and orders CASE DISMISSED.\”

    For a judge to set aside or annul an order or judgment which he/she finds is improper.

    These are the facts which you and I know.

    I am asking you to take down your false misleading postings Which show up on Google and other public search engines.

    Thank you,

    David Marcello

  18. David,

    As it stands, I have linked to the entirety of the proceedings. It’s all there for someone to find regardless of my work. The paper covered all of this, too. Are you asking them to undo their publication?

    I find this a very odd way for you to make your case as every comment you make here using your full name actually enforces the search engine accuracy. Really, if you want to continue the conversation, and if I have misrepresented the case as you protest, please put it in writing and mail it to me. You know I’m not fond of your phone calls, so I’d have to say that’s the best I can do.

  19. Cindy,
    The headline is all anyone see’s and it is a lie.

    Don’t rationalize or justify and attempt to hide your bad behavior behind the bad behavior of some other entity.

    You are responsible for the misrepresentation the headline makes about me. Do you wish to make others read the fine print to find the facts as I have.

    Wisconsin circuit court redcords state that
    Defendant entered a plea of no contest to the misdemenor charge of battery> \”Court finds the defendant guilty as charged in the complaint. \”

    Same case reviewed by the court on 1-23-2004

    \”On motion of the state, Court vacates previous plea and judgment, and orders CASE DISMISSED.\”

    For a judge to set aside or annul an order or judgment which he/she finds is improper.

    These are the facts which you and I know.

    I am asking you to take down your false misleading postings Which show up on Google and other public search engines.

    Thank you,

    David Marcello

  20. Cindy Kilkenney

    As you well know Cindy, the paper did print a correction the very next day (8 years ago) and they apologized separately for their misleading headline and error of facts. Your headline is not true. Words have meaning. To Vacate a judgement means something. To dismiss a case has real meaning. You are bright but are you wise enough to accept this correction and do something to correct your error?

    I am encouraging you to be that big person with a true heart for justice and peace and unity rather than division, slander, and enmity. I know you are capable, but Cin-dy your just not willing are you?

    David Marcello

  21. Please provide me with the correction from the paper and I’ll reconsider. Honestly, I never saw one that said you didn’t do it.

    Here are the articles I worked from:

    Ex-Brookfield alderman convicted of battery

    Published: February 1, 2003
    A former Brookfield alderman was convicted Friday of misdemeanor battery for kicking a 14-year-old boy in the tailbone in a fit of anger.
    David Marcello, 44, of Brookfield, pleaded no contest in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, where a judge found him guilty and accepted a deferred prosecution agreement.
    Under the agreement, the case will be dismissed in one year if Marcello does not violate the law during that time. The penalty for battery can include a fine and jail time.
    According to police reports and court records:
    Marcello kicked the boy Aug. 31 after a football game the boy and Marcello’s son attended in Hart Park in Wauwatosa. Marcello was to give the boys a ride home but became angry when they showed up late.

    Man charged with kicking boy

    Ex-Brookfield alderman angry teen was late for ride, complaint says

    Correction: CORRECTION: from 05.02.2003:
    An article Jan. 29 about an incident Aug. 31 in which former Brookfield Alderman David Marcello kicked a youth misstated when police became involved. The incident was reported to police in early September, not Dec. 20.

    MIKE JOHNSON, Journal Sentinel
    Published: January 29, 2003
    An alleged kick in the pants has landed a former Brookfield alderman in hot water.
    David Marcello of Brookfield has been charged with misdemeanor battery in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. According to a criminal complaint, Marcello kicked a 14-year-old in the buttocks on Aug. 31 after the boy was late in arriving for a ride after a football game in Wauwatosa.
    Before kicking the boy, who received a bruise to his tailbone area, Marcello became angry and used profanity, the complaint says.
    The incident was reported to police on Dec. 20. The complaint does not say why the youth waited until then to report the incident.
    Marcello, 44, pleaded not guilty on Jan. 8 and was ordered to appear in court again on Friday for a pretrial conference.
    Marcello also was ordered to have no contact with the 14-year-old.
    Marcello’s attorney, Michael W. Steinhafel, said that he is in discussions with the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office to resolve the matter, possibly through deferred prosecution. Because the negotiations are continuing, Steinhafel said, he would not comment further on the case.
    A real estate agent, Marcello served as a Brookfield alderman from April 1992 to April 1998.
    In June 2001, Marcello ran in the special Republican primary for the state Senate’s 33rd District. He was one of seven Republicans seeking to fill the vacancy created by Margaret Farrow’s resignation from the Senate to become lieutenant governor. Marcello lost to Ted Kanavas, who went on to win the Senate seat.
    Marcello did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

    David, please don’t contact me through this method again. You have my address.

  22. Cindy Kilkenney

    First of all who elected you judge and jury over this matter?
    Second of all the State held all the power in this matter. The state decided that this judgement should be vacated and the same judge agreed.

    Judge Sin dy must I appear in your court and present evidence beyond the public record?
    I beg your pardon my Cindy. You are jsut a gossip beat blogger, not a judge and not in a position of temperment to be one or play one on the internet.
    I sent you the public record which you initially held up as your standard of proff. Now the record defies your position and you want me to send you the correction the jounal printed?

    I don’t have time to search back 8 years but you seem to have time to find bad things to say about people you do it. Oh, The correction was a good thing that must be why you missed it in the first place Cindy. It is not doubt why you failed to publish it.

    In my humble opinion your actions are not honest or sincere. I read how you felt you were a victim of attacks in your own campaign for mayor but that experience did not stop you from making unreliable statements about others in the Mayor’s race. Now you want to rationalize your misleading gossip as somehow justify it. I’m sorry Cindy there is no end to an arguement with you so I will simply sign off with one last appeal to your better self.

    I have asked you to delete the misleading headlines you have distributed for what purpose only you know. I will not speculate about your motives, but the result is sinful division of our community, friends and our faith communtiy.

    Please don’t cry about not being treated fairly and then do unto to others exactly what you decry others doing to you.

    I have sympathy for you but for a host of other reasons. My best wishes to you and your family.
    Your responses prove the advice many give about you. I thought the time might be right now to let by gones by by gones.

    Remeber our Lord’s command that we judge not lest we be judged. By the standard you hold others to so it shall be held agains you in the end.
    Thank you,

    David Marcello

  23. The only correction I found was the one I put to bold type earlier. It was included in the original post.