Great news for beef lovers!

Ney’s Big Sky beef is now available at Grasch’s Fine Foods, 13950 W. North Avenue in Brookfield. Jeff Zuern at the meat counter will help you find what you need.

I’ve been a great fan of Ney’s Big Sky for years. This isn’t just beef, it’s BEEF! It’s the kind that makes you avoid ever ordering beef in a restaurant again.

My favorite thing about Ney’s (beside’s Doug’s friendly attitude) is that I can order anything, and they’ll make it available. Since we don’t come from around these parts, some of our favorites – like a brisket – aren’t standard cuts. I get them anyway.

Ney’s has also started managing free range chicken (very good) and buffalo. I used to cook a lot of buffalo before we found Ney’s beef. Sorry, Doug, but I’m not going back. 😉

Want a tenderloin that will knock you guests’ socks off this Christmas? Better get it ordered now.


  1. Is Graschs going out of business? That is the current rumor in the area. Has anyone heard anything about this? or is it just that….a rumor

  2. Given this announcement came in yesterday’s mail, I’d say it’ll be open for business for a while.