Original comments removed from BrookfieldNOW.com

There’s a big kerfluffle because someone dumped a bunch of the more challenging comments from Dave Marcello’s Journal Interactive blog. Here they are.

Also, Alderman Scott Berg is out with news that 4th District Alderman Steve Ponto is planning to run for mayor. Here are my comments on Berg’s site:

Well if Ponto’s for real, I guess I finally have a place to mark my vote.

Is he the most favorite of all my aldermen? Heck no. (Some say I reserve that for you, Scott!) But Ponto is extremely knowledgeable and once again – he’s not embarrassing. I can see him doing the job with dignity and actually working well within the region. He’ll need to be careful about using too heavy a hand when he’s not getting his way, but he’ll figure that out after a year or so.

Thanks for the news.

Elf, isn’t this a busy time of year for you?

I reserve the right to change my mind if a better candidate enters the ring, but Ponto is a decent alternative to the ridiculous showing we have so far. It also says a lot of things:

1) That’s why Reddin didn’t run.
2) The Waukesha County Republican Party is dumping Speaker – Speaker’s toast. Burnt toast.
3) Marcello won’t make it to the final show so we don’t have to put up with him much longer.
4) Berg won’t dare run now.

I don’t like Steve; he’s very heavy handed. Make no mistake, his Brookfield will look exactly like Speaker’s Brookfield, but at least we’re done with the embarrassing headlines. Ponto, from what I can tell, keeps his pants zipped, has a great education, and is a bright guy. Can’t say that about Speaker, now, can we?

He will consume the entirety of the St. John Vianney vote. He can be a jerk, but he’s a slam dunk if he files. No sense fighting it.

If he’s in, it’s all over now.


  1. Rumor has it that Steinberg has, or will file shortly too. Aren’t Ponto’s children long out of St. John Vianney? If so, I would think he’d consume a lot of those votes 5-10 years ago, not so much now.

  2. Ponto’s still active there with a strong network including Reddin and Director of Finance Robert Scott. The Mellones are there. Maybe Mahkorn? The St. John Vianney group sticks together in most things Brookfield if there’s only one candidate from their pews.

    RE: Steinberg. He’s a wonderful man who has served this community well a very long time, but mayor wouldn’t be a great fit for him.

  3. Well the Dave Marcello piece has been pulled from BrookfieldNow.com. The last piece I read that was up about Dave Marcello harassing his victim’s family and their being police records to prove it. Interesting enough, he did unite the community – against him.

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Just checking in to see if you have any info on the other candidates. Ponto has a recent record to look up, but Bielinski and Schellinger (sp?) I know nothing about politically. A review of the candidates would be interesting. I don’t agree with some other your thoughts, but I agree completely with your RE:Steinberg.

    DO you think it will almost certainly be Ponto versus Speaker?

  5. No doubt in my mind. And I think Ponto will prevail overall. He’s very good at campaigning and did not enter this race to lose it.