“And What ‘You’ Should Do….”

One of the solutions for global warming being bantered around in Copenhagen is population control. And the most popular way to achieve this is to adopt the Chinese policy of couples only having one baby. This further illustrates that the global warming, climate control advocates are not about science but are all about spreading the religion of liberalism and government control (socialism) to every aspect of our lives.
Even Canada’s national newspaper has an article by Diane Francis advocating the one child policy. She lists all the boiler plate statistics why you and I should only have one child right up to it’s helping save the world from climate change. Just as Al Gore’s one home, when he accepted the Oscar for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, used as much power as 20 average homes, and just as the participants in Copenhagen utilized 140 jets to get there as well as 1200 non-green limos to get around even though the city has modern mass transit—-Ms. Francis has two children.


  1. One vegetarian child.

    You know – here’s a way to win back control of the planet. Let all of the lefties buy into this with the cult-like fervor they adopted Gorebal Warming, and the right can procreate like rabbits!

    Problem solved.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m in.

  3. Suffice to say her two “babies” are left wondering which of them she would prefer to have done without.


  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    That’s a great point Libby. But remember, in her elitist mind this does not apply to herself. Another example of not applying is how the Kennedy’s have long been proponets of wind energy–until it was proposed to place the turbines in Nantucket Sound just off the Kennedy compound. They always know what’s best for others.

  5. “They always know what’s best for others.”

    That’s an exhausting statement. There’s so much work to be done to fight against such arrogance as supplied by our elected.

  6. OMG … I get to procreate.. .. how fun!!!

  7. Mr. Wilson, you also have to pay to raise whatever you make.

  8. You don’t really think it is a co-incidence that PRC and that Canuck both yawpered about ‘one child’ on the same day, do you?