Sheila Buechel, 5th district challenger

News to me is that Sheila Buechel, a past recent president of Brookfield’s Friends of the Library, plans to run in the 5th District against Gary Mahkorn.

Sheila is a gem. She’s well-educated, organized, and very professional. She has, from what I could see working with her on a couple of library projects, excellent follow through on those tasks to which she commits.

The 5th district is lucky indeed to have such a great candidate. I’d say she has an excellent chance given her involvement in our community.

Good luck, Sheila!


  1. Too bad you can’t measure it, but I bet she gets more SJV votes for alderman, than Ponto will in his run for mayor.

  2. Do you know her? I think she’s amazing.

  3. I know her well. Our children go to school together and I am a fellow SJV member. Have worked on many projects with her. Your comments of well-educated, organized and professional are spot-on. She would be a breath of fresh air. Good luck Sheila!

  4. Tim Dotson says:

    I got to know Sheila while taking classes she was teaching at Marquette in Organizational Leadership. I also saw what she was able to do while in her leadership role of Friends of the Library. Not only does she take great initiative in everything she does, but she holds herself accountable to get the initiatives done. She would be great in this role and I’m so glad she’s in my district so I can vote for her!

  5. Realized that I never replied. I do know her, I think she’d be an excellent alderwoman! And she wouldn’t suck all the oxygen out of the room with long soliloquies.

  6. Santa's Elf says:

    Sheila sounds as though she be a great Mahkorn replacement. Probably shorten down the council meetings by an hour or two.

    But Ms. Cindy, Tell me that this gal (Sheila Buechel) is in no way related to Rachel Uchitel!