Candidates line up for SDOE seats

This is a repost of a November 30th entry. I had to do something – the spam hitting this one was amazing.

I’m pleased to announce to you loyal readers that one of our own – Kathryn Wilson – has filed the paperwork necessary to collect signatures for the at-large race. Incumbent Bob Ziegler has as well. Joining them is former candidate Barry Wightman.

Candidates need 100 valid signatures and may not submit more than 200.

Glen Allgaier is the only interested candidate so far for Area II.

Ms. Wilson, congratulations on your decision to move forward in this race. You’ve done a great job with the gifted and talented outlines as well as keeping up with the health curriculum revisions. Oh, I know, we don’t always see eye to eye, but you do an amazing job of thinking things through. You certainly have my support. From what I can tell, that’s worth about five votes or so. 😉

Just a clarification on how the at-large votes will work. Of all the candidates, the top two will earn a seat. The one with the most votes has a full term on the board. The candidate at second place will finish the seat Dave Marcello abandoned to run for mayor.

Now in an update: there are new candidates.



    Cause the site is off/old news, still no response to sidewalks on Capitol Drive. Either many don’t know or are not informed. Folks, it’s big money from the taxpayers/ see my previous blogs to Cindy.

  2. Santa's Elf says:

    Perhaps Marshmallow will abandon his mayoral plans and rerun for his old sdoe seat!