Hang on to your wallet, Elmbrook taxpayers

Elmbrook’s going to start pushing an operational referendum.

Why else would they be pandering stories like this one?

There’s going to be a push for fake enrollment via open enrollment and 220 and 4k. They are going to threaten larger class sizes. (Oh, wait! That just happened.)

The fact is they are using scare tactics. Remember, they budgeted so badly last year there was more than a $2 million SURPLUS. Frankly it’s just starting to look like they don’t know what they are doing, but they’d like more of your money to do it with.

Don’t trust them. Until you see a couple of school board members stand and and call this bluff, just don’t trust them.


  1. Santa's Elf says:

    They have plenty of room to cut: salaries, benefits, teachers (increase class size), entire schools (drop 220 and merge, cut the frills like home room, study hall, gym and band do double shifts).

    The reality is that they’ve squeezed themselves into a corner from which there is no escape.

    I do not feel their pain!

  2. I still think we should have combined high schools.

  3. That’s ok! As Anthony just posted they put air conditioning in PPMS instead! I guess those board members have learned to bullshit with the best of them.

    Budget worries – riggghhhht.

    Expect air at WHMS within a year.

  4. Santa's Elf says:

    Seems to me that the only protection against this abuse is to appeal to the state to tighten the tax caps and put a lid on borrowing.

    Then if they decide to go to 1K and park the urchins on the window sills, they’ll have to cut somewhere else to afford it.