enriquez4waukeshamayor.com – Enriquez for Mayor

Darryl Enriquez sent me a release to say his Web site enriquez4waukeshamayor.com is up and running.

(I’m posting this because in all likelihood, this page will search higher than his own site for a few weeks. You political types really need to get this Web business down a few months BEFORE you run!)

You might recognize Enriquez. He’s a recent reporter on all things Waukesha for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. After he took the recent round of buyouts, he set up Waukesha News Online.

I don’t really know Darryl or his politics. I can only imagine after all his time in the newsroom he has to know a few things about how Waukesha works. I also know a couple of people who think a lot of him.

(I love political season. How in the world am I going to give this up?)


  1. I’ve met Darryl and like him. I’ll probably vote for him.

    I realize it’s early, and hopefully he’ll flesh them out, but I don’t see anything in the “Issues” section that would excite me (and I can’t tell you what he could put there that would excite me!).

    If he hopes to unseat Mayor Larry, he’ll either have to be the beneficiary of the anti-Nelson vote or give folks some other reason to vote for him.