Keeping Score

Ex Vice President, Academy Award Winner, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and former tobacco picker Al Gore has a new book out since November 4th that has sold 40,000 copies.

Sarah Palin, ex governor and mayor, Vice Presidential candidate and mother of 5 also has a new book out that has sold about 2,000,000 copies.

Each author is pretty much hated by their opposition. The similarties end there.


  1. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    Your point being???

  2. If the glove don’t fit, Randy still won’t quit.

    OJ Simpson sold more books, what of it?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Which book did OJ write that sold more than 2 million copies, Lorax?

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    If you have to ask–it doesn’t matter.

  5. Didn’t know 2 million was the merit threshold, I’ll keep that in mind when I write my book. You can have the 2 millionth copy (for free!) 🙂

  6. I thought the point was that li’l ol’ Sarah Palin has sold a whole lot more books than Mr. Gore.

    Good for her! I know she’s bolstering the family finances after paying off all those lawyers, so I’m glad to see she’s been so successful.

  7. I don’t care if she sells books.

    Trash love stories sell well too.

    If the GOP doesn’t start getting it’s act together and identifying several possible contenders for the next election we’re screwed. Because Sarah is not the savior for the GOP.

  8. Never said she was. All she looks like at this point is a smart business woman.

  9. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    I wouldn’t call her a “smart business woman” because she wrote a book. That was plain common sense given her celebrity status.

  10. Karin, sometimes sense ain’t so common.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    I suspect it would universally be agreed upon that Al Gore is a celebrity. So is Nancy Polosi. And everyone knows who Harry Reid is–he qualifies as a celebrity. Reid wrote “The Good Fight” and Pelosi wrote “Know Your Power….”. All three are national celebrity politicians who wrote books that were notorious flops.

    And Karin, Cindy didn’t say Palin was was a smart business woman because “she wrote a book” but rather that she is a smart business woman because the book she wrote has sold 2 million copies.

  12. I wouldn’t call Pelosi or Reid a “celebrity” as much as a public figure. Gore, sure.