pontoformayor.com is up and running

You can check it out here.

No schellingerformayor.com yet. No word of a Speaker version, either. Of course, marcelloformayor.com has been around for a few weeks.

Quick trivia question. Just who in the world started this “formayor.com” phenomenon? Imagine that kind of leadership in a community four years ago instead of just getting around to it now.


  1. Scott Berg says:

    Actually, Tom’s site has been up for several days. The trick is that you need the www:

    OK, Cindy, impress us with your webslinger geek credentials and explain why.

  2. Well, in my experience when you set up your account domain name servers you can articulate only www or one that lets the name come through without.

    It’s very usual to let the www be dropped as the site still comes through if www is used. (You can test this by typing http://www.fairlyconservative.com for example.) It looks like Schellinger is using godaddy.com so I’d bet it’s similar.

    See? There’s a chance you learned something new today. Just in case, your welcome.

  3. Scott Berg says:

    Try pinging the two URLs and seeing vs.

    This is eversomuch less trivial and geeky than copying web page templates. And here you could have wowed me with a tracert.

    Grade: C-

  4. Dear goodness, we’re so lucky to have someone with your prowess in our midst. I suppose it’s your habit to be tracing IP’s. Never crossed my mind.

    So how does he fix it?

  5. Scott? You out there? I know you’ve visited the site and saw my question.

    So how does Tom Schellinger fix his problem that only lets his site be accessed if www precedes the name?

  6. Interesting …. Tom doesn’t have any easily found contact information … phone or email on his site…. why?

  7. Scott Berg says:

    I’ll talk to Tom about fixing his site. I don’t see where you have any business with that detail.

    As for contact info, look under Tom’s BIO tab on the top. I suggested to him to relabel it and add something on the home page.

  8. Which means, Scott, you don’t have a clue as to how to fix it. (The easiest answer is to tell Tom to call GoDaddy support. Though their hosting can be slow sometimes, their customer support is top notch.)

    Folks, what Scott discovered by tracing the IP’s for the two different pages is the result of the name server being set in the way I described. In Scott’s world, if you can’t be right, be wrong with as much spite as possible.

    He’s one dude I won’t miss by leaving all this behind. In fact, losing Scott Berg is probably one of the top ten benefits. But that list might need a whole new post…

  9. Well I see that mathematician turned alderman hasn’t found a way to fix Schellinger’s Web site yet. Funny thing is – BrookfieldNOW just linked it without the WWW. All those potential hits are going to waste.