The Clearing preview

The e-mail came today. I’m already sketching out my weeks around a couple of expected graduations.

I’ve told you about The Clearing before. It’s silly to say a place changed my life, but it did. This is the first place I realized I wasn’t going to be the mommy forever. In the middle of my first week there one year, I took a phone interview and later was appointed Alderman for the 2nd district. I had my first press interview from Kris Radish.

Sometimes when go back I sit on the rock where that interview took place. I get to reflect on all the changes I’ve made. The Clearing is as much spiritual renewal as a place to learn new crafts. I met Dan Anderson during a class there and traveled with him to Ireland and Italy. In Ireland I met ReAnn and ended up in St. Kitts. I used the same tour company to get to Morroco.

You see, anything can happen if you go to The Clearing. That’s why you should take a few minutes and look through their preview catalog. Since I’m a lifetime member, I’ve put February 16th on my calendar for the call in. Some classes fill quickly, and I don’t want to miss a thing!