Obama: The federal government will go bankrupt.

That’s Obama’s threat to the American people if Congress doesn’t pass a health care reform bill. He delivered the ultimatum during an interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson. He also guarantees if the bill doesn’t pass then your premiums will go up.

Thank goodness Americans are smart enough to know he’s lying.

Obama’s numbers are tanking.

The idea of health care reform is tanking.

Could it be those rose-colored “Yes We Can” glasses are off?


  1. Bkfld Voter says:

    Is he suggesting that the government WON’T go bankrupt if the healthcare plan passes?

    Is he suggesting our premiums WON’T go up if the healthcare plan passes?


  2. HA ha Bkfld. Ya…I think that’s the expected implication. Something tells me he wouldn’t own that statement though. IMHO, we’re already bankrupt. Just haven’t been foreclosed yet.