Oh, Gee, James. Not you too!

Mr. Sensenbrenner goes to Copenhagen. I guess Republicans are going to have to do without me for a loooooong time. Why in the world would I want to support characters like this who continue to gadabout on the taxpayer’s funding? The U.N. knows well that any promises by the Obama administration aren’t going to make it through Congress. Why spend all that money (and gasp! the carbon emitted!) to say so in person?

BTW – this photo is one heck of a good reason to get out of the public eye. Is this how you’d want your grandchildren to remember you? What about next season’s voters?

Bottom line Mr. Sensenbrenner: I can’t make fun of Obama and Doyle going unless I include you in the goofy mix. You win. (Not that it’s anything you should flaunt.)

This did make me laugh. They’re calling four inches of snow in Copenhagen a blizzard. Ah, the Wisconsin perspective.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    A blizzard at the global warming conference is–just funny. And here in southern Virginia we are expecting 6-10 inches tonight into Saturday. That will pretty much mean no golf tomorrow and the area will essentially shut down. Thank God for global warming or it would be even worse.

  2. Santa's Elf says:

    I see the ole Hillmeister promised a half a trillion dollars to lead in the fight against global warming. Wow, am I glad we didn’t elect her president. She may have her mouth in the fray, but her hand’s not in the purse!

  3. Incredible amounts of money and carbon footprints are being spent already. Jim’s attendance won’t make any difference to that. At least, there will be one voice saying what a fraud and hoax global warming is. I say, “Thanks” to Mr. Sensenbrenner

  4. I stopped supporting Sensenbrenner when, after contacting him in the fall of 2008, he wrote back that small businesses could find bank credit and other sources of financing without any problem. He totally denied there was an issue! That certainly had not been the experience of small business owners I know. And as it turned out, that’s been a hot topic in the news since then. I think this guy is past his expiration date and needs to go. He’s been in Washington too long and has lost touch with his constituents and the real world.

  5. there are politicians; there are statesmen/women; there are elected officials; there are those who choose not to vote; there are those who are idealist; there are those who have ideas; there are elected officials who need a job; there are those elected officials who do the job; there are those who practice what they preach; there are those who preach.

    Take your choice

  6. Well, Dick, that kind of hit home.

    For a few years now I’ve argued I’ve done my part. I tried, it went badly, I survived. Time to move on. But if I’m truly tired of what I’m seeing, well, maybe I have to get back into the game.

    You are good for making me think. Thanks.

  7. for everyone. those who do not vote and those who do not take a stand are “those”. those who do vote and take a stand are “we the people”.

  8. check me on this one. Lincoln ran for public office and lost several elections.not bad for a guy who never had a peaceful moment.