Obama’s “meaningful” work in Copenhagen

Watch for his handlers to proclaim it the greatest thing since sliced bread. Others are asking, “where’s the beef?” Literally.

From BBC News:

So the result was a political commitment not a treaty one.

The words sound fine enough. “We emphasise our strong political will to urgently combat climate change.”

And: “We shall, recognising the scientific view that the increase in global temperature should be below 2C, on the basis of equity and in the context of sustainable development, enhance our long-term co-operative action to combat climate change.”

But where’s the beef? That apparently has to be added to this sandwich later.

More spin; more often. That should have been his catch phrase instead of “Yes We Can.”


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    The agreement reached in Copenhagen has the same significance as that piece of paper the old newsreels showed Neville Chamberlain waving after returning home from his meeting with Hitler.
    Or put another way Barack Obama has done as much to combat global warming at this conference as George Bush or Bill Clinton did regarding Kyoto. Remember Clinton never sent the Kyoto Treaty to the Senate for ratification as Obama will not send any strong agreement to the Senate as he knows it will be DOA.