What about electronic readers?

Kindle? Sony? Has anyone bought into one of these devices?

I have to admit, the couple of people I know with a Kindle rave over the device. I’ve not tried it. A few years ago I did check out one of the electronic readers the library offered, but I could never quite get into it.

Help. It seems like a logical idea, but then, I love books. Would it really be the same?


  1. Once I can go into a government-owned building, and check out a Kindle for free, then I will like them. Until then, I’m not spending God-knows how many dollars on a reading device when I can get the same material, in print form, from the library for free.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    My library has one and it’s not the same to old-fashioned me. To me it’s the same as reading the local newspaper–I still like to peruse thru the pages.

  3. I know two people who love it. One uses it to get newspapers. The other uses it to read books.

    I like old fashion print .. the smell and feel of a newspaper or book.

    I love electronics… but I wont’ be buying a Kindle.

  4. I have a Kindle and its pretty awesome. With Amazon’s Kindle cover added on, it feels a lot more like a book! For me a big drawback is the page handling/ progress marker – I like knowing how many pages I’ve read but Im pretty sure you are stuck with percentages.

  5. Anthony, are you sure we aren’t related? That sounds just like something I’d say!