Blog school: check out Fairly Conservative’s traffic

I know. I’m crazy. That’s an old argument. But I thought it would be fun after a couple of years to let you in on the site’s traffic.

Here’s a link that will allow you to view the StatCounter summary page for Fairly Conservative. (And SB, check it out! You can download all the stats in xls to save forever!) (JN, you can see the original posts weren’t of much interest, but the day your lawsuit hit the paper traffic spiked.)

You should be able to put in different dates and find the spikes. The Anne Kilkenny phenomenon in September 2008 was something else.

Also, I’ve always blocked my own hits, so all that you see is someone besides me.

I did find that really all I needed to do was post on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to keep traffic going. I started trying to post something worthwhile to on Thursday afternoons to drive traffic through the weekend.

A snowstorm was always good for a traffic spike. Unusually good weekend weather meant I was talking to myself!

Let me know how the link works for you. I thought given the blog’s near ending, it would be a good thing to share for those of you out there who will still be slogging away at the keyboard.


  1. Bkfld Voter says:

    Harken! Thou dost find “last fortnight” to be thee olde classique time period? Alas, it worketh not, for mine self.

  2. Clicketh submit.

  3. So you’re closing the site soon Cindy? Too bad. Though I’m one of those that happened here via the Kilkenny hoopla, I’ve found the site enjoyable. I don’t oplay here much, but like to pop in and see what’s happening in Cheeseville on occassion.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.