My urge to clean every closet has started early this season. Since it doesn’t make sense to have extra piles strewn through the house during this season, I’ve decided to clean up the e-mail in boxes.

I am going through a flurry of unsubscribe.

It’s interesting to see which customer contact set ups these companies are using. I suppose there’s always the chance I’ll do something like that down the road. What’s really fascinating is the way some companies toss you immediately, while others claim it will be up to 10 days and then send you a half-dozen e-mails in between.

The toughest encounter I’ve had so far is a Journal Interactive newsletter for Milwaukee Moms. Their link doesn’t work, and the sign in doesn’t work to reset my preferences. I e-mailed someone, but won’t be holding my breath. These folks aren’t exactly known for customer service.

The other misstep I made this year was putting my e-mail address on the youngest’s ACT application. Yikes! Every college in the country wants to say hello.

It’s diligent work. Every errant e-mail needs a couple of minutes instead of the usual quick delete, but I’m hoping for calm results in the end. I can’t complain too loudly about this e-mail parade, though. Submitting my e-mail address to L’Occitane scored a $250 gift basket from their drawing.

For a thank you, I unsubscribed.


  1. Hey! Journal Interactive was actually very quick with a reply. Very cool guys…

  2. Just declare them all spam! ;^)

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Glad our staff proved you wrong. Merry Christmas.

  4. You use Gmail.

    I do too.

    In Gmail on the server side (webmail) you can create ‘filters’ to capture email before it even leaves the server – it’ll never arrive to your inbox. You can send it directly to the trash.

    You know how sometimes we end up on those retiree joke spam lists? This is perfect for that. Friends (used loosely) that send endless jokes and other nonsense are trashed without remorse and I never see them.

    Actually, I get virtually no spam from Gmail. It’s really perfect.

  5. I get no spam from gmail – but I have had one or two times were gmail called something spam that wasn’t.

    Funny, I am on a couple of those lists. When they show up, I’ll do as you suggest.