Rumor Has It

There’s a rumor going around that Barack Obama issued a decree that a census
should be taken of the entire American world-about some kind of tax. And everyone must go go to their own town to register. A friend named Luke told me about it. He should be dependable as he is a doctor. Anybody else heard anything about this ?


  1. Better get those reservations! I’d hate to be caught without somewhere to stay.

  2. It’s all about the children of unwed mothers.

  3. You know, I think a bunch of guys messed that part up. By the time Mary and Joseph were headed to the census, they were married, weren’t they? Otherwise, why would they be headed to Joseph’s count instead of Mary going her own way?

    That part has always bothered me. Someone fill me in if there’s proof otherwise.

  4. Santa's Elf says:

    In first century Judaism, marriage consisted of two distinct acts.

    First was the ‘betrothal’ – what we mistakenly think of as the ‘engagement’. In those days, the betrothal involved a contractually binding agreement between the bride and groom which stipulated the dowry to her and her family, etc. Following this agreement the couple were officially ‘married’.

    Later, after the groom had returned to his father’s house – and with the help of his kin – had built a home for the couple, he and his groomsmen would return to the home of the bride (at night) and take her to his father’s house for the wedding feast. During this feast, the couple along with the best man would steal away to a bedroom. The couple would enter the room while the best man stood watch outside the door. Following the ‘consummation’, the groom would come to the door, inform the best man that it was a done deal, and he would return to the party to make the official announcement. Later the couple rejoined the party still in progress.

    The story of the birth of Jesus takes place between these two marital events. And so, being legally wed, it would be expected that Mary would be counted among Joseph’s family.