Anyone else feel it?

While I’m pretty sure I managed the build up for the first time in years without a single “bah humbug,” it sure feels strange out there. I think this morning’s health care vote sucked more out of the season than people want to admit.

In any event, try to set it all aside and celebrate the Mass of Christ tomorrow with happiness and meaning. Be safe if you are traveling. Be as content as possible. Be gentle on yourself.

Happy Christmas.



  1. Santa's Elf says:

    Ms. Cindy, You could always watch Pat Robertson on the 700 Club handle snakes during his Christmas Eve healing service.

    Or you could attend midnight mass in Rome via tele if you don’t mind seeing the pope get tackled by some bimbo as he’s strolling down the isle.

    Or, this year, feel free to join Ms. Elf and me as we attend Bedside Baptist late tomorrow morning.

    No matter which you choose, there are no pesky guys pushing broken banjos past your nose right in the middle of the service, looking for money.

    Either way, have a good one. Oh and don’t forget to thank the event sponsor.