Best Christmas-related commercial

I just found mine!

Two guys are out digging through the trash in their pajamas surrounded by snow. One looks up to the other and asks, “So what are you looking for?” The other says that little brush for a Barbie doll – or something like that.

I think it’s Wal-Mart?

And that’s the problem with me. Sometimes I really like the commercials because they trigger something familiar, or something charming, but I can’t for the life of me tell you who paid for the ad.

And you? Any current favorites?


  1. it’s walmart and it brings back memories!!!

  2. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    Not sure which company, but the little kid is holding a video camera aimed at the dad’s backside… the dad, bent over trying to plug the camera into the tv, is asking if there is any picture showing on the screen… all the other kids are giggling while the mom watches on as sure enough his rump is taking up the entire screen

  3. Oh! I like that one too. Glad it’s not my rump.

  4. That’s Target…and they have a whole slew of 30 second ads to watch on Youtube. Sad, but I was hunting for one of my favorites (the dad dipping his son’s feet in the mixture to make foot conforming socks) for Hanes Comfort Fit socks and I found the Target commercials by mistake. They are too funny.

    Not a problem with you, Cindy. Poor marketing but great writing. I guess when they run the commercials through test groups they forget to ask, “who, what where?” Just like a good cook tastes her food before serving it.

  5. @Cindy: ditto 😛