Post holiday hoopla

Yesterday was lovely. It was slowly paced which suited me just fine. There were a couple of genuine surprises under the tree. Those are fun because they are hard to come by at this stage of the kids’ age.

Favorite practical gift received: Mini mouse with usb stub for the laptop (Thanks Mom and Dad.)
Favorite moment: Holding a particularly adorable two year old. (I don’t do much of that right now.)
Tugged at the heartstrings: Realized just how grown these children are. (Ok, I get misty just thinking about it!)

Today is a little sale shopping for big-kid necessities. Everyone could use a coat, a couple of hats, and gloves. I’m convinced I need to talk at least one big kid into a pair of snow-stomping urban walk-two-miles-to-the-train boots. No doubt there will be a few other necessities thrown into the bill.

Wish me luck. I’m not much of a shopper. This will pretty much use up all the reserve for the next few months.