The long goodbye

Well, we’ve had a round of Ask Cindy. Anything else you guys want done in the next couple of weeks?

If you haven’t noticed, posts are crawling at a snail’s pace.

I thought – and I’ll write it down so I don’t forget – a list of who you might want to read and where to send your new tips might be in order. I’m still willing to share any blogging secrets (not that they are really secrets) you need.

We’ve got a little more than two weeks. No fair waiting until the last minute!


  1. Just one question: This retirement from the political scene…is this like a Brett Farve retirement? You know, after the primary and as we head toward the April election are you going to get back in the game?

  2. No Brett Favre style retirement. I thought it through, and I’m ok with Brookfield figuring out April’s elections on their own. 😉

  3. Kinda sucks, but I understand. You’re the only one out there that knows enough to be able to separate the BS from what is actually happening.


    Cindy. You have a way of relating information to the public that otherwise is not available. There are too many who spread rumors or start them without any basis. Sometimes the good guys win, but help does help.

  5. …”I guess I make this job look easier than it is.” Mayor Jeff Speaker responding to a question from Laurel Walker about the large field for the position. He also cited the bad economy as another reason. How can you walk away from this? Is that a wink in your happy face above?

  6. Yes, that’s a wink. It’s my charming, effervescent personality coming through.

    I’ll go find the article you quoted.

  7. Well there it is. “It’s a bad economy and people are looking for jobs.” Spoken in typical Speaker-ese. That man is so stupid. I’m sure hoping he goes.

    BTW, the real news in the story is that Laurel Walker is back on the beat writing political news. That sound you hear is the air slowly leaking out of what’s left of the Waukesha bureau.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    I think there’s potential for ‘The Long Goodbye’ being a great song title.

  9. Yes, Laurel’s snide and otherwise snotty and arrogant attitude is being curbed with reality.