The ever-changing ballot

It looks like Bielinski, the most unknown of the Brookfield mayoral candidates, is withdrawing from the race. From the MJS:

In Brookfield, the former police officer-turned-Mayor Jeff Speaker is facing four possible challengers so far in his bid for a third, four-year term – the most competition since the last incumbent mayor, Kate Bloomberg, did not run in 2002. They include an alderman and lawyer Steve Ponto; a former alderman, School Board member and real estate agent David Marcello; county Supervisor Tom Schellinger; and Richard Steinberg, an attorney who lost his re-election bid in 2008 for Brookfield municipal court judge, where he served for 34 years.

A sixth candidate, Roger Bielinski, filed declaration of candidacy papers but later said he is withdrawing.

(The story link above also has one of those Jeff Speaker memorable moments quotes in it! You should probably read the whole thing to catch a whiff of the campaign ahead of us.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Ponto. He’s not embarrassing, and that’s pretty much all I get out of this race.

Surprising to me is the number of candidates rumored to be on the ballot for the Elmbrook School Board at-large race. There are two seats open. The top vote recipient will get the full 3-year term; second place wins the remainder of the term vacated by that political wunderkind and Brookfield mayoral candidate David (Dave) Marcello.

So far there are four candidates with signatures turned into the district.

Bob Ziegler, incumbent
Kathryn Wilson (Our own!)
Beth Horneffer (See below.)
Sandra Schultz (She’s supporting Marcello for Mayor.)

Another three have filed the paperwork to collect nomination signatures:

Warren Groff (A retired professor who’s done lots of work in the Wauwatosa district.)
Barry Wightman
Genevieve Schmidt

If the first four are all who file, there will be no primary. If any one or more of the second group of three bring in signatures, then a primary vote will be held February 16th.

I have to say a word (or several!) about the candidates I’ll be supporting. Kathryn Wilson has long been a commenter on this blog. I don’t always agree with every angle, but she’s thorough and thoughtful and has a lot of experience working with the district on issues like Gifted and Talented needs and the Growth and Human Development issue that popped up last year.

Also, I’ll disclose I signed the nomination papers for Beth Horneffer. Beth and I agree very little on the Elmbrook goals – we’re at very different places in our children’s lives and rather different ends of the spectrum politically – but Beth has been a good friend for over 15 years and I know her to be of very fine character. I will not vote against fine character when it is offered no matter the platform details.

My two votes will be Wilson and Horneffer. Ziegler needs to go.


  1. I was also under the impression that Ilse Frayer was filing to run against Glen Allgaier. I know, because I signed her nomination papers. That does not, however, mean that I will support her. She is a vocal advocate for 4K and, as a Hillside parent, is very anxious to find any means to avoid school closings as a way to resolve our budget issues. Another concern is that she is currently employed by the school district…which I believe leaves her open to the potential for being bias.
    Instead, I will support Glen. He is a voice of reason on the board, and makes his decisions only after diligently completing his own research on the issues at hand.

  2. Hmmm. I did call the district and they didn’t have anyone. We’ll see in a couple of weeks.

  3. John Locke says:

    I do not understand how Sandra Schultz or anyone running for a school board could openly support a man – Marcello – convicted of battery assault against a minor. If anything, its illogical and unintelligent, something members of a board of education should not possess.